The Real Romeo And Juliet: a one direction fanfic

This is a story about a girl named Ashley that never planed on meeting the love of her life Harry Styles. As soon as they meet they instinly fall in love. But everything starts to fall apart when it's time for the boys to go back on tour. Will Harry leave forever? Will he pop the big question? Or will Ashley just get in the way?


4. Bad Luck

When you wake up you look to see if the boys are still sleeping. You see that all the boys are still sleeping except for Harry. You walk down stairs to see a buffet of food on the table and Harry cooking eggs. What's all this? Just a little treat for my number one girl. Oh your sweet! You go up to harry and give him a kiss. Niall walks down stairs and sees you two kissing. Wow is it hot in here? Come on why did you have to wake up now? Easy I smelled food. Well I better go wake up the rest of the boys. By the time you are done eating it is around 10:00am. You and Harry decide to go for a walk. You end up by the water fall. Harry tells you to get on his back and then jumps in the water with you. You start swiming when you find a stream that is connected to the water fall. You and Harry take reach others hands and head down the stream. You end up in a beautiful area with flower peatles lightly falling from the trees. You decide to go back to the house and get the boys. On your way home to trip on a larg tree branch and hit your knee on a rock. Harry quickly rushes to your side. Are you ok? No I can't feel my leg. He picks you up and runs to the hospital. The doctor tells you that you are going to be ok. He tell you that your lucky and that you knee isn't broken. Harry walkes in the room. So did you brake your leg? No I just have to wear a cast for a bit. Will it be off befor the ball? Ya don't worry. I called the boys they should be hear here soon to get us. 10 min latter the boys walk in the room. Ok so how are we getting her out of here? I got her. Oh look at Harry mr. Strong man.  Harry picks you up and brings you to the car. When you get home it is around 4:00pm. Harry lays you down on the couch. Do you want to watch TV? No I'm just going to rest. When you wake up you see Harry laying on the couch across from you. Your eyes start to close when you hear voices. You open your eyes once more to see Zayn, and Louis standing over harry. Do you have the wiped cream? Yep. What about the cherys? Yep I got them.

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