Forever And Always (1D Fanfiction)

Nicole is a 17 year old girl who loves One Direction, She and her bestfriend Sophie went to a One Direction Concert but what happens when a member of One direction falls for Nicole and She falls for him and there is another member who also loves her will there be a love or will there be broken hearts? Find out!!!


17. Unexpected Surprise

Nicole's POV:
I can't believe what I saw it says a Pink plus sign in it I'm pregnant I said Sophie was shocked we both were the dad could be either Liam or Austin cuz Austin raped me and me and Liam were making out last night How am I supposed to tell Liam about me being pregnant and Austin raping me? I said you and Liam had a you know what last night? she whispered and looked around to see if anyone can hear us I nod OMG!!! she said, I know and what if the dad of the baby is Austin? should I abort it?? No the baby might belong to Liam too who knows you have to tell him about this tonight she said Ok i saw as we left to go home to tell the boys
I opened the door and Saw Liam watching football Hey babe where did you go? as he kissed me on the cheek um to pick something up from the store I said not looking at him why? he asked I have to tell you something I said "are you breaking up with me? he asked with a sad face No I said then what is it you wanna tell me? he asked I'm pregnant as I show him the test his face lit up I can't believe were having a baby he said as he lift me up put me down Liam I laugh As he set me down Ok so what do you want to do today? he asked we should tell the lads about this I said
Guys come here Nicole and I want to tell you something Liam said What?? Niall came out with food on his mouth "I'm pregnant they all said yes, congrats Louis said thanks As I hug him "Congrats mate Harry said to Liam Thanks he smiled and I notice Zayn wasn't happy I went to him Hey Zayn I said Hi he said I'm sorry if I kissed you again at the park I wish I could take it back but I can't it already happened Its Ok i said maybe we should still be friends? he asked Of course Zayn you are like my 2nd bestfriend after Sophie I smiled and he smiled congrats by the way he said Thank you Zaynie i said we soon ate dinner and talking to each other I'm glad me and Zayn were friends again.

Zayn's POV:
I felt upset cuz that baby is not mine I wish it is I think its time for me to let her go she is better with Liam anyway than I am I'm glad me and Liam are friends again and me and Nicole stayed as friends.
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