Forever And Always (1D Fanfiction)

Nicole is a 17 year old girl who loves One Direction, She and her bestfriend Sophie went to a One Direction Concert but what happens when a member of One direction falls for Nicole and She falls for him and there is another member who also loves her will there be a love or will there be broken hearts? Find out!!!


22. The Father of the baby is

Nicole's POV:
Today is the day that were going to find who is the father of the baby if its Liam or Austin "Babe wake up we have to go to the hospital again to find who the dad of the baby is he said while he nudge me "let me get ready ok? I said kissing him on the lips quickly I put my headband on and wore a shirt and a jeans," ready? he asked yeah i'm ready I said I hope the baby is mine if not I will love it as my own he said aww babe your so sweet I said as he wrapped his arms around me its true he said as we left and reach the hospital Hi may I help you? the lasy in the counter said umm yeah we have an appointment with Dr.Wilson oh ok she will be in 10 minutes

~10 minutes Later

Nicole Lewis? Dr. Wilson said as me and Liam stood up from our seats That's me I said " follow me" she said as we followed you Ok so I have the results do you guys want to know who the father is? she asked I nodded Ok here it is The Father of the Baby is?.
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