Forever And Always (1D Fanfiction)

Nicole is a 17 year old girl who loves One Direction, She and her bestfriend Sophie went to a One Direction Concert but what happens when a member of One direction falls for Nicole and She falls for him and there is another member who also loves her will there be a love or will there be broken hearts? Find out!!!


42. The End!

Liam's POV:
We reached the hospital and Nicole is crying "sir can I help you"? the lady who is working in the counter asked, "yeah my wife is having a babies right now" I said frantically "ok we will get her in a wheelchair" she said "ok" I said as I sat down into a chair with The lads and El,Sophie and Alli 5 minutes later we see Nicole getting wheeled "It will be ok love like I said you would be a wonderful mom" I said as I kissed her forehead they wheeled her in the operation room

3 hours later

the doctor came to us "Mr. Payne" the doctor said as we got up from our seat waiting for him to tell the news "Its a girl and a boy" he said " can I see my wife and my babies"? I asked "yes" he said with a smile "thank you" I said making my way to see Nicole and the babies, I opened the door and saw Nicole have the babies in her hands "hey wanna come see our twins"? she asked I nodded " I already thought the names for the twins" I said "what"? she asked Emma Rose Payne and Alexander William Payne" I said " do you want to carry Alex?" she said "of course"I said while tears forms in my eyes as I carried Alex "hey alex your mom and I were so happy to meet you and Emma and we both love you" I said "aww babe that was a nice thing u said" she said we soon heard a knock and it was the lads and the girls "there so cute can I hold them?" Niall asked "of course" I said as I hand him Alex "oh can I hold the other one?" Sophie asked "sure as Nicole handed Emma to Sophie "so what are their names?" Lou asked Emma Rose Payne and Alexander William Payne" I said "nice names" Harry said "thanks mate" I said we talk for an hour until they all left except me and Nicole I'm happy we got married and have babies together.

~The End

I'm thinking to write a sequel for this story if you guys want a sequel just comment please.:)
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