Forever And Always (1D Fanfiction)

Nicole is a 17 year old girl who loves One Direction, She and her bestfriend Sophie went to a One Direction Concert but what happens when a member of One direction falls for Nicole and She falls for him and there is another member who also loves her will there be a love or will there be broken hearts? Find out!!!


14. Telling the boys

Sophie's POV:
We soon got to the boys's flat Niall opened the door and found them doing their own thing Nicole and Liam were snuggling on the couch while watching Marley and me they were crying, Harry was glued on his phone,Zayn and Louis were talking in the kitchen Hey guy how is your date? Nicole asked umm that's what I want to tell you guys I said ok tell us Louis said Me and Sophie are dating now Niall said OMG congrats Nicole sat up and hugged me Thanks congrats mate Liam said thanks Niall said we talk for an hour until I want to talk to Nicole alone.

Nicole's POV:
Umm can I talk to you for a second? Sophie asked as she grabbed me to go to her room so what's up? I asked have you told Liam about Austin coming to my house and raped you yet? she asked no i haven't told him about that yet I said "when are you going to tell him? she asked "I will tell him soon tonight is not the right time we just got back together from our break I don't want to loose him" i said "I understand what you are saying but you have to tell him soon or I will" she said as she left her room I soon followed her.
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