Forever And Always (1D Fanfiction)

Nicole is a 17 year old girl who loves One Direction, She and her bestfriend Sophie went to a One Direction Concert but what happens when a member of One direction falls for Nicole and She falls for him and there is another member who also loves her will there be a love or will there be broken hearts? Find out!!!


34. Birthday Surprise!

Nicole's POV: I woke up when I saw Liam wasn't there I got off the bed put myself on Liam's sweater and made my way to the kitchen to eat breakfast when I saw a note in the fridge

Babe me and the lads are just hanging out in the flat be right back
love you xx Liam

I smiled as I made myself some eggs and pancakes I ate it as i pulled out my phone and texted Eleanor.

To Eleanor
From Nicole

Hey i was just wondering maybe if you would want to shop with me?

5 minutes later she texted back

To Nicole
From Eleanor

I can't cuz my mom is coming to visit me sorry

With that i put my phone away and cleaned the dishes
I'm so bored there is nothing to do Liam is with boys on Louis's flat,Sophie says she is busy and El says her mom is coming to visit her, I went to the mall to shop by myself for 6 whole hours and payed all the clothes that i bought and drove back home

Liam's POV:
Today is Nicole's 18 birthday me,the boys,El and Sophie are decorating the house for an hour now I told her that i would hangout with the lads today at Louis's flat we did but we went back to me and Nicole's house to make sure she is not there and she isn't so we decorated it.

Nicole's POV:
I slowly got off from my prius car and unlocked the door and saw the lights were turn off maybe Liam is not home yet as I went inside the lights were opened "Surprise Happy birthday Nicole" they said "OMG" as I runned to Liam and kissed him "Happy birthday love" he said "thank you" I said "anything for my princess" he said I saw El "hey I thought your mom is coming to visit you"? I said "nope she didn't" she said "why"? I asked "I said that so me,Sophie and the guys would surprise you for your birthday" she said As I hugged her "you shouldn't have" I said But i want to cuz you are like a sister to me" she said "Aww thank you El" I said "anything for my bestfriend" she said,"Its present time" Harry said "opened mine first" said Niall as he handed me his present I opened it and it was a new one direction shirt "thanks Nialler" i said your welcome he smile next it was from Zayn I opened it it was a braclet that says Nicole in it "thanks Zayn" As I hugged him,Next was from Harry I opened it it was an Ipod "thanks Hazza" I went to open Louis's gift and it was a stuff carrot that says Carrot princess in it I laughed "really Louis"? "Hey I bought that for you cuz its cute" he said, next was from El it was a $30 shopping gift card, next was Sophie and it was a scrapbook about me and him as bestfriends forever and finally Liam gave his and it was a ticket to go visit Australia with him only "thanks love I always wanted to go to Australia" I said "let's play truth or dare" Louis said Let's go and we went to play truth or dare.
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