Do I Have What It Takes?

I am trying out for the M Factor this summer. I am so nervous? Do I have what it takes to win? To even make it past the judges houses? Do I even have what it takes to win the first round... All of these questions are running through my mind, and right now, is now or never.


5. what?!?

"How is it over there?" I asked him. "well, me and the boys are doing good. Simon treats us like we are his own." He said. "Ey! Yo, who ya talkin to mate?" I heard a voice in the back say. "My friend, Liam. Geez." "Is it a gggggguuuuuurrrrrrllllll?" He sing songed. "Ugh, i have to go Paige. I'll talk to you later! Bye! I'll text you." "Bye Niall's Friend!" someone yelled in the back. I laughed. Perrie came back on the phone. "Hey Paige, when we get to the live shows, we can totally hang out." She said happily. "Sure, but hey i've got to go! I'll talk to you later?" "BYE!" She screamed. I hung up, as Cher walked into our shared room. "How's it go?" I asked. "I made it through!" she screamed. "Oh my god! That's great!" I told her. I jumped up from bed and I hugged her. She was laughing. "How about we celebrate tonight? Dinner on me?" I asked. "Yes! Im starving!'" She laughed rubbing her tummy. We both linked arms as I grabbed my wallet, and headed down stairs. We decided to go to the little resteraunt down the street, and we headed in. "Two?" The lady had asked. "Yes ma'am." I smiled. "Ok, right this way ladies." she had said. We followed her to a little table, and we both sat down and ordered our drinks. "How amazing is this? We are going to be on the X Factor Live Shows!" I said. "This is an actual miracle. I cant believe that both of our dreams are coming true." She said. I sighed. "This year is going to be amazing." Right then the lady had appeared. "Did I just hear that the two of you are going to be on the X Factor?" She smiled excitidly. "Yes ma'am we are going on the Live Shows next week." We both answered happily. "Good luck to the both of you. Here, dinner is on the house." She smiled. "Wow, thank you!" Cher said. I smiled. "Wow." She turned to look at me. I smiled and we both began to talk some more. "So, who have you met so far?" Cher asked me. "Well, I've met Niall Horan, he is in One Direction, uhm... Perrie Edwards, You, and I think that is it so far. I am a pretty shy person." I said slowly. "You?" I asked.

"well, Ive met Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Perrie, including all fo the girls from little mix, uhm... you, and pretty much everyone that we are going to be against. I have a feeling that either One Direction, or Little Mix is going to win it. They are both pretty good groups." She said smiling. I smiled back at her, and after we had finished eating, we headed back to the hotel. We walked up to our room,a dn layed down on our bed. "I am still hungry." I said laughing. "After all that food we ate?!? Geez Paige!" Cher laughed. "Dont judge me!" i began to fake cry. She laughed, and we both began to fall asleep slowly. The last thing I thought about was a pair of bright green eyes that I had met. I dont remember the person, but I remember the eyes, and only the eyes.

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