Do I Have What It Takes?

I am trying out for the M Factor this summer. I am so nervous? Do I have what it takes to win? To even make it past the judges houses? Do I even have what it takes to win the first round... All of these questions are running through my mind, and right now, is now or never.


12. What the hell?!?

Paige's POV

":Liam, where the hell are we going??" I asked practically yelling. "Geez Paige calm down ok? We are just going for a walk thats all." He laughed. "Ok... So, before I left the X Factor, I talked to Lou, and she said the weirdest thing." I laughed. "Oh yea? And whats that?" He chuckled. "Well, the night of the first live shows she was doing my hair, and she was like 'yea, I know two people who like yoouuuu' and when I asked who she said, 'well one had big brown eyes, and the other....' and she never finished." I was laughing still. "Yea..." He chuckled. Liam turned around and smiled at me. I looked at his eyes. 'big brown eyes' I said in my head. "Liam?" "Yea?" He turned blushing from me. "Was it you?" I asked seriously. "Was what me?" He stuttered. "Are you the boy with big brown eyes?" I asked stopping by a big oak tree. We were in the woods now, and I let go of his hand. "Honestly, yea. I was. But after you left, I went out with Danielle, and things were great untill we called it quits." He said. I smiled. "You know Liam, if you had told me. I liked you too." I smiled. He smiled too turning towards me. "Haha.." I laughed nervously. He hugged me tightly. I have to admit I did have a crush on Liam when I was on the X Factor days. "Listen Liam, I have to be home now.. I have classes tomorrow!" I said laughing. "Ok babe." He let go, and we headed back to his car. "So, did you like getting to see all the boys again?" My smiled faded. "Sure." I said. "Paige, are you ok?" He asked concerend. "Well, its the fact that none of you guys except Harry knew who I was. I really dont look any different.." tears rimming my eyes now. "Well, you do look different Paige! It's been three years!" He said seriously. "Yea. Well, bye Liam." I kissed his cheek as he left. "Hey Paige! The other guy was Niall!" And then he sped off. Are you serious?" i thought in my head. "Great...." i sighed. Niall was cute, and his eyes were to die for. He was sweet, and we were so similar. Seeing him today, his blond hair in a quiff, his skin a little more tan than before, his blue eyes brighter than ever. He also had braces, and had some muceles. He looked good. 'No what am I saying??!!? Its beem almost two years and he probably has a girlfriend.' I thought to myself. I entered my appartment, and then flopped on my bed, falling asleep slowly.

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