Do I Have What It Takes?

I am trying out for the M Factor this summer. I am so nervous? Do I have what it takes to win? To even make it past the judges houses? Do I even have what it takes to win the first round... All of these questions are running through my mind, and right now, is now or never.


11. Hi....

Liam turned the knob on the door, and we both walked in. "Liam, wheres dinner?!?" I heard somone yell fom the kitchen. We walked into the kitchen, and saw all the boys sitting there at the table. "Niall, just fix a sandwhich." Harry said. He looked back at his phone. "Hi." I said. They all looked in my direction, seeming to be surprised by hearig a girls voice. Niall, who was eating, said. "Whos your freind Liam?" I got wide eyed. "Really?" My voice craked. "I really dont look any different..." i said. Harry smiled, got up, and hugged me tightly. "Hey Paige." I smiled and said. "Hey Haz." He pulled away, and then smiled at me, turnign to Niall, whos mouth was now wide open. "Paige!" He screamed. he came over, hugged me, twirling me around in the process. "Hey." I laughed.  When he put me down he looked at me. "Wow." Is all he said. I giggled. I have to admit. My hair had gotten darker since when I was 16. My eyes had darkened to a deep green color. I had'nt grown at all. I was still the same build too. The boys on the other hand, were all grown, and have much more muscles now. Liams head was shaved, Nialls was in a quiff now. Harry's hair was still a big moppy curly mess. Louis was swept to the side, and Zayn's was still in a quiff like old times.

"Hey now Niall, the rest of us want a hug too!" Zayn called in the background. I laughed. "Hey Zayn." I walked over and hugged him tightly. "Hey Zayn, how about these shoes-" A blonde girl walked in the room. "Paige...." She whispered. "Perrie." I whispred back. She started walking over to me. "Stop." I said. "Paige... Im sorry. I just never had time to call, and it was hard considering my scedual -" "Dont even lie Perrie. You act like I dont read the papers or watch T.v? I know what you do. You had plenty of time to call. What happened to being best friends?" I asked on the verge of tears. "I've got to go. Uhm.. it was really nice seeing all of you. I gave Liam my number, so get it from him whenever you want to talk." I smiled, and headed out the door. "Paige! Let me drive you! Its dark out." Liam called. "Okay sure." He opened the car door for me, and I hopped in. We were driving and then we stopped. He pulled over the car, and stopped. "Paige. What happened between you and Perrie?" i shook my head. "Paige, please?" He grabbed my hand. i looked at him, tears coming again. "I called her one day, wanting to hang out, but she lied and said she was busy with work. I heard a club in the background, and she said she oudl call me later. She never called. I havent spoken to her in over 2 years." i started to let tears fall. All of a sudden, he got out of the car, and over to my door. He opened it and pulled me out of the car. "What are you doing?" I asked shocked. "We are going for a walk." "But, what about your car?" "Just leave it. I wanna walk." He said, seriously, intertwining our fingers together. I looked at his face, and it was hard. I was so confuesed on what was going on.

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