Do I Have What It Takes?

I am trying out for the M Factor this summer. I am so nervous? Do I have what it takes to win? To even make it past the judges houses? Do I even have what it takes to win the first round... All of these questions are running through my mind, and right now, is now or never.


6. Finally

It was finally time for the live shows. It was our first day of rehersals, and I was getting dressed. I pulled on a pair of light shreaded skinny jeans, and a loose over the shoulder long sleeve shirt. I fishtailed my hair to the side, and didnt bother putting any make up on. "Time to go!" Simon called for me. "Coming!" I ran out on stage, and I was rehersing. My song was Tip Toes by Jamie Dee. "You are doing wonderful Paige!" My coach called. After I had ended, I went backstage, to the dressing room, and I ran into someone, who was on their phone. "Im sorry love!" He said. "Its ok! Trust me." I said. HE grabbed my hand helping me off the floor, and I met the eyes from my dream. "Harry." He said sticking his hand out for me to shake. "Paige." I said shaking it. "Nice to meet you." He said. I giggled. "You too." "Well, Ive got to go. My group is up-" He was cut off. I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes, and I grabbed them. "Guess who." It was an irish accent. "Niall!" I screamed. Seeing my best friend again after about 2 months, I was excited. "Hey!" He said hugging me. "Ive missed you!" I said. "You too."

"I see you have already met Harry." Niall said motioning his hand to Harry. "Yea, he ran into me just now." I said pretending to be angry. "Comon we've got to go lads." A boy with a black quiff said behind him. "Hi, Im Zayn." He said. "Paige." I smiled. He blushed and walked on stage, "This is Liam, and Louis. And we are One Direction." Niall said in an announcer voice. Liam laughed." Your such a wierdo Niall." Louis said outting his hand on his hip. I laughed and said. "It was nice meeting all of you guys. But I can hear simon calling yo. You better go." I said continuing my walk. "Hey Paige," Niall called. "yeah." I asked. He stuttered. "Will you hang out with us tonight?" Liam asked. "Sure, text me Niall. When and Where." I said smiling. He nodded his head. "Perrie!" I screamed as I ran into her. "Oh Hey Paige!" We hugged. I smiled. "How are you?" I asked. "Well, we are going on after One Direction. So pretty busy I guess." She laughed. "Ok. Call me up when you wanna hang out." I said. She nodded her head as she headed to side stage. I had decided to watch for a while too, standing next to Perrie as I watched the boys perform. They began to walk towards me again.

"You guys did great." I smiled. "Thanks love." Harry said. His eyes were definately the ones that I always think of. "Im sorry, but have I seen you before?" He asked. "Uhm... Im not sure." I said. "Yea! You went to the bakery a couple of times! I knew I rememebered you!" He said. "Oh! Your the curly haired baker guy!" I said, laughing. "Yea!" He siad joining in. Niall looked over and rolled his eyes laughing. I stuck my tounge out and giggled. He chuckled, and continued talking to Liam. I have to admit. All these boys were pretty cute. Perrie was talking to Zayn, and she blushed. I signed a heart at her as she rolled her eyes and giggled. "Well, Are you going to hang out with us tonight Paige?" Harry said. We both walked back to the dressing rooms. "Uhm, yea I guess. Do you mind if I invite Little Mix? Perrie is like my best friend." I said looking at him. He chuckled and said "Sure, the more the marryier." "Ok, well Im inviting Cher then!" I laughed. He nodded his head again and laughed as I giggled. "Well, are you gonna bake me some more cupcakes. Those things were delicious." I smiled rubbing my tummy. "Sure why not." I smiled. "Goodnight Harry." "Goodnight Paige." I smiled as I shut the door.

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