Do I Have What It Takes?

I am trying out for the M Factor this summer. I am so nervous? Do I have what it takes to win? To even make it past the judges houses? Do I even have what it takes to win the first round... All of these questions are running through my mind, and right now, is now or never.


3. Called back?

I was standing on the side stage again, waiting for my name and another group of people to be called, to see who made it through to the next round. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. I felt a hand grab mine, and when I look up to see the face it is Niall. He was breathing heavy. "It'll be ok Niall. Trust me." I said. He nodded his head giving me a half smile, as I heard our names be called to the center stage. I let go of Nialls hand and started walking, hiim following behind, along with Perrie, a girl named Jade, another girl names Cher, and a boy named Louis. I felt my heart beat get louder and louder as I wiped away sweat beads off of my forehead. I looked over at Niall who was still breathing heavy, and sweat coming from his as well. I patted his shoulder, as I turned back to look at Perrie who grabbed Nialls hand, Jades hand, and then Niall grabbed mine. The six of us in the row were all holding hands now, praying that each of us, or at least some of us made it through.

"Cher Lloyd, and Paige Laughlin please step forward." I reluctantly let go of Nialls hand and stepped forward. I felt my eyes start to sting as I waited impaitenely. "Im very glad to tell you that... front row, you are through to the Judge's houses. Im sorry back row. It is time for you to go." Katy Perry said. Simon was sitting there shaking his head the whole time. I ran to Cher and hugged her as we both began to cry, and I looke back at Niall who was running off stage, along with Perrie, Jade, and Louis.  I felt so horrible. I walked over to side stage getting congratulations on my way out. I found Niall sitting in a chair and I went and was getting ready to say im sorry, when he began talking to the producer on the camara. "Im Sorry-" was all I was able to here while he pulled his shirt over his face and started crying some more. I walked over to him. I looked in his eyes as I saw the color had faded. "Niall- I dont know... Im sorry..." I said hopeful. "Ive got to go Paige." He hugged me one last time, heading out the door with Louis. I looked over at Perrie who was crying as well. I walked over and hugged her. "Have fun Paige! Ill vote for you!" She said trying to be cheerful. "Thanks." I mumbled, my smile fading slowly. I had ran out of the room to see George sitting in one of the empty seats. "GEORGE! I MADE IT!" I started crying even more. He hugged me, as he kept saying 'I knew it,' and 'your amazing.' Things like that in my ear. He put me down and was smiling from ear to ear.

I saw a security guard go out side, and bring two people in, followed by two moresecurity guards with three more. Perrie, Jade, and two other girls following as well. I was wondering what was going on, they all stepped back over to the stage. "I'll be right back George." I said, racing over to side stage. Niall, Louis, and three other boys, Liam, Zayn, and Harry were all standing on center stage, with Perrie, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Ann. I had no idea what was going on. "We believe that you all are way to talented to be going home. We have decided to put you all in the groups, and eneter you in this competion as group acts." Simon said. All of a sudden, screaming, yelling, cheering, and jumping all started. I laughed as I saw Niall grab onto Liams and hug him tightly. He looked over at me, and smiled. He ran over and hugged me. "I cant believe that this is happeneing! Oh my god this is so unbeileveable." Niall said to me. "I know!" i hugged him again, and then told him I had to go. I walked back over to George smiling. "Lets go! We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." He said. I agreed and we headed out. I ran into Perrie while outside. She squealed and ran over to hug me. "Im so happy for you!" I yelled. "We are going to be on here together!" I laughed at her excitement. I could tell that we were going to be best friends.

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