Do I Have What It Takes?

I am trying out for the M Factor this summer. I am so nervous? Do I have what it takes to win? To even make it past the judges houses? Do I even have what it takes to win the first round... All of these questions are running through my mind, and right now, is now or never.


4. Best Friends stick through anything. :)

after getting split into the judges houses, it was time  for performing... I was nervous, because this time it was in front of just one judge, who had the power to make me either tay or go. I was nervous. I decided to sing someone like you by Adele. As I began to sing now, I felt my face burn up, and I was sweating. I stopped, and we talked. "You did a very good job, and you will be tsaying threw. I dont think you are ready to go yet." They said. I smiled, and repeatedly said thank you. I smiled, and I passed Cher. "Great job." She smiled as she walked by grabbing my hand. "Good luck." I whispered. She smiled as she took a deep breath, and walked on. I walked back to the bedroom that I was assigned. I smiled and I fell down on my bed and called george. "George!!! I am still in this! God I cant believe this is actually happening!" I yelled and smiled. He chuckled. "This si so exciting! our dreams I finally coming true." HE laughed. "Oh, George, I have another call. I'll call you later. I love you." "Alright, love you too." He said. I hung up and looked at my caller ID. IT said, "Perrie :)" I answered. "Perrie!" I screamed. She laughed on the other side. "Paige!" She screamed. "How is it going over there?" I asked. Then I heard someone elses voice, "Is that Paige? LEt me talk to hr!" Soemone said. "Ok, chill. Paige someone wants to talk to you." she said in a sing song voice. "Paige!" A voice yelled.. It was Irish, so I immediately had known whos it was. "Niall!" I screamed back. He laughed. "How is it going over there?" He asked. "Well, I made it threw to the Live shows." I said smiling. "Good job! So did we!" I could tell he was smiling.


A/N sorry it is short. Have a bunch of stuff to do today. ;(

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