how to kidnap one direction

heres how to kidnap one direction, and make them your pets !!
its easy ! and fun! and legal! ~not!~


9. the car

I drove away before the police arrived.I felt like screaming. i mean the ONE DIRECTION are in my car.

wait-did i leave my mom there. all well-wait do have a liscense-nope well who has a liscense these days anyways------but remember kids drive safely and kidnap one direction safely too.- i heard my mom screaming close behind me.OH NO!shes hot on our trail I heard and saw the boys squirming. aw :) they squirm like angels. they must be waking up. i had to think fast. they weren't supposed to wake up till' we got to my house. i decided to use the. SKITTLE POWER!!!! i then threw skittles at just seemed to wake them up more.     WHY SKITTLES WHY WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU(fake cry)ITS JUST NOT THE SAME ANYMORE im sorry im sorry its just that i havent well touchedlouisbumkissedharryonthelipsfeednialltakezaynsunderwearandgetsomeofliamsgravy O__o                                          


skittlez                                         then i stopped for some gas and to let out some gas.                                        



                                        something smells bad

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