how to kidnap one direction

heres how to kidnap one direction, and make them your pets !!
its easy ! and fun! and legal! ~not!~


15. SHE left...

After we watched food battle 2008 I was laughing like an idiot, so were the others, others meaning Louis.

"I need to pee!!!!!" Liam yelled holding his pants.....

"I do to,when I leave you can , OK?" I said walking upstairs. Without a response I shut the door to the basement,locked it and put a skittle on the floor to guard the door.

"Ok mr. Skittle, watch this door with your LIFE!!!!!" I yelled to it. 

"MOM,your back??" I asked quickly seeing her do the wiggle in the living room,watching the LMFAO song music video of ISAIKI or better known as IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!

"Yrag I'm back, I live here!"  She said concentrating on dancing like Michael Jackson..... 

Did she just say yrag?

"mom,what is yrag? 

"its a new catchphrase means you're right and good." She responded doing the moonwalk adding a wiggle in. 

 I awkwardly backed up into the kitchen,running into the bowl of skittlez. 

"Rainbow?" Oh wait I need to pee.....  I grabbed a handful of skittles and ran into the bathroom. I shoved them into my mouth and then used the potty...... :-D  

I'm not crazy ....

 I swallowed the skittles and then went back into the living room, and turned on the t.v. OMLB = oh my Louis bum.....

 Dora is on yay!!!!!!!!!!


I'll check on the boys later...

Harry's P.O.V.

She left us then closed the door. I heard her scream "OK Mr. Skittle, watch this door with your LIFE!!!!!!!!" What the......  We are being guarded by a freaking skittle!

I realized she still had her computer here.... Opportunity.

"Guys, I'm going on twitter, I might be able to save us!" They all responded with OK and yes.

I signed onto my twitter account. Apparently her twitter name was 

@1DareBetterThanSkittlez , BTW this is not real...maybe,


I put a status update 'Doing a very urgent twitcam!watch it!!!' I put the camera on and pressed record. 

"Guys I'm doing a twitcam." I said Liam was first to respond.

"Um.. Harry" he asked nervously.

"Yeah Li?" I responded waving to the fans.

"I'm still peeing...." My fave turned red after noticing him in the corner of the screen.

"Oops...." I put my hand over the camera and read a very sick comment.....

"OK done." I heard Liam say and then heard the Dora theme song upstairs... Don't ask how I knew it, not like I secretly love Dora like Ian from Smosh loves HoneyBooBoo......

OK then 

"So fans, I and  the boys were kidnapped by a crazy fan... We need your help! The address is 123 sesame st. Come quick and help us escape were in the basement!" I said while Louis looked at me like "what were you thinking idiot...." I shrugged and then remembered something.

"Oh yeah, I'm apparently married to her now... I guess." I shoed the ring."She super glued it to my finger,it won't come off." 

"Ok Bye!" Zayn  shouted and hit the 'end recording' button. 

"Why Harry, why?" He asked throwing a skittle on the floor.

"Why what, and where did you get this?" I asked and he looked like he was going to keellll me! 

"It was guarding the door..." Wait he got outside!? 

"You got outside!?" Everyone asked "jinx!" Louis screamed.

"Yes, I needed to pee..." He answer shrugging.

"I just peed on the floor and you didn't tell me!!!!????" Liam screamed at Zayn  and then blushed a little....

"Whatever, let's go." I screamed we all ran out the door and saw her eyes glued on the t.v.

OMG Dora was playing...... Must resist urge......

The others were walking towards the door,the girl not even noticing any of us.

 I walked towards the couch,eyes glued on the t.v. , they were rescuing Santa's gifts from swiper...

When swiper arrived I was about to scream 'No swiping,swiper!" When Louis hand went over my mouth and he brought me to the door.


"You like Dora!?" He whisper yelled.

"Later.... Later Louis." I whispered back and we walked out the door,no fans there.... Must have thought it was a joke.....

We had a LONG WAY to home.

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