how to kidnap one direction

heres how to kidnap one direction, and make them your pets !!
its easy ! and fun! and legal! ~not!~


10. HI KEVIN >.> ~spongebob quote,louis quote~

Ok so at my house ! I grabbed all of them and threw them onto the couch in my living room!

they woke up. and looked scared ...... why are they scared?

" Hi, im not wierd!" i say as my eye twitches, i walk closer to them and then Louis falls off the couch.

then they all fall off onto Louis trying to get away from me.

" hwewlp mweh!!!!!" Liam screams, his eyes wide with fear.

" did you say 'help me' or ' healp mwe'?" I ask walking closer, they squirm away.

Again , they squirm like angels :) do angels squirm, yeah they DO!!!!!!

" Gwet woff moff mweh!!!" Louis screams, his head popping up from under Zayn.and Niall.And Harry. And Liam.

I untaped their mouths and then smiled creepily......

" Harry? I have a question for you." I said And my eye twitched.

" W-w-what?" He replied stumbling upon his words.

" WIll you marry me?" I ask and look at him then the others. They all look terrified.

" Say YES!! SHe's might let us go!" Louis whispered , i couldnt hear him though so i didnt know that.

"um..... o-o-ok." he said and looked at Louis mad , :)

I put a ring on his finger and one on mine.

" What did you put on this ?" He asked trying to pull the ring off.

"super glue, why?" I asked

"SUPER GLUE !!!!!!! Why super glue ??  " HE asked still pulling on the ring.

" So you couldnt get it off, why else ....?" I said and looked at him , still trying to pull the ring off.

" im not REALLY marrying you , i dont even know your name !!" He scream angrily , for some ODD reason!

" At the end of the world , we're gonna stop for ........." I said and then paused

" OH! For what ??" Louis screamed excitedly.

" ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Icreamed, get it ?

"oh, now some one get this stinkin' ring off of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry screamed aggrivated. Why is he aggrivated ? I never did anything to them ... yet... lol.

" OK , Harry , the weddings tomorrow. I planned it for a year !" I said and my eye twitched , again.

" a .. year ..?" He asked.

" Yes, a year." I said nonchalantly as i put them all in the basement.

" hey, let us out !!" Zayn yelled through the door.

" YEah!! YOU CANT DO THIS!!!!!!!" Liam yelled.

" I just did!~" I yelled back.

" uhh guys?" Niall said.

" YEah Niall?" Liam asked.
" Im hungry :) " Niall replied cheekily.

aren't my future husbands awsome ?

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