how to kidnap one direction

heres how to kidnap one direction, and make them your pets !!
its easy ! and fun! and legal! ~not!~


8. concert + kidnapping skillz


skip to concert ~ 

"OH Em GEEE !  They are coming onto the stage in three, two one ! Direction!" OK now , when they come onto stage im going to jump onto the stage and - this can wait till the signing . 

" I - I wanna save you , tonight!" OH EM GE , I just went to heaven ! 

" Zayn , WILL YOU MARRY ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oops did , i say that aloud ..... 

Who da fudge cares , now Zayn is looking at me like im crazy . 

~ SIGH~ just like my second grade teacher , good times , good times , 

This is an even better time ! 

" SO ZAYN what do ya say , huh ,huh ?!!!" I ask , the whole place is quiet now , except me talking , whats with theeses peeople !!!! 

" Uh ,, OK ...." OH M GEEEEEEEEE ! Zayn just told me , did you hear , he told me,  uhhh..... OK !

skip to after signing ~

ok so now they are all locked up in my car , safe and - OH M GE is that SKITTLEZ!!!!!! 

I remember putting one direction in my car like it was a minute ago - wait it was . 


me and my mom went up to 1D and heres what hapened : 

Flashback ... again :

" Ok mom go do the wiggle. I shall get the supplies ."

Everyone fainted , wiggle on full power .

Except for random fan girl #25647 .

and me , and my mom. untill she looked in Zayns mirror.

OK so long story short , there in my car now.

~ flashback over ~ sniff , sniff , i need a shower .~


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