how to kidnap one direction

heres how to kidnap one direction, and make them your pets !!
its easy ! and fun! and legal! ~not!~


19. BUM POWERS!!!!!!!gone...

*still Louis' POV*

I looked around and spotted a little doggy, I think it was a Chihuahua. 

"Hi little doggy." I slowly approached it a d saw it was hiding a price of cheese, hmmm..... I am starving. I dove for the cheese like I was flying, since I am SSUPERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaAaAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But when I got to it, my nose was stuck in a mouse trap, the cheese had bounced away, and the dog was growling at me after he ate the cheese.

"Meep." I whimpered standing up. The dog coming closer. Wait a minute I can use my bum powers to defeat him! 

"Louis you don't have bum powers without the boys but-" the dog started talking and I probably looked surprised, and then I fainted. 

Just kidding I didn't faint, but that dog can talk???!!! Anyways, I cut him off and started screaming.


The dog sighed and flopped onto his belly. 

"Listen kid, you can get out of here if you just believe." Man was that dog some shrink! 

"Really?" I asked, pulling the mouse trap off of my nose. 

"Yep, now believe Lou, just believe." The dog responded and then disappeared. 

"I believe I can fly!!!!!!!!!!" Then, I jumped and was flying!! For two mino seconds. If only I was Niall, then I could fly...

I landed on my bum and started crying.

*Niall's POV*

The potato is taunting me! 

"Please Liam!" I begged for the 1234567890th time to eat the potato waiting on the doorstep of our former kidnapper. 

"Do you want to be caught Niall, shhh." He whispered in attempt to shush me. Just as I was about to open my mouth with a clever response, a little girl screamed. No wait two little girls. 

I turned and looked at Harry and Zayn , they were the ones screaming... Ha! 

Then I started screaming when I saw what they were looking at. It was that um....crazy, psychopathic, evil, weird, crazy, psychopathic, evil, weird, crazy, oh wait sorry.... I said that a couple of times already. It was our kidnapper. So, anywayz, I screamed and wet my pants while I was screaming. That's how scary she is to me. Liam looked and started screaming and jumped into my lap. Not a good idea Liam..... I just peed myself..... Liam looked down and jumped onto Harry's lap, Harry threw him to Zayn, and Zayn  threw him to the kidnapper. We all turned to Zayn , but he was gone, I turned to Harry but he was replaced by a skittle, and gone. I turned to the kidnapper, but I was then in a basement. I saw the other boys including Louis singing 

"I believe I can fly!" Then he jumped up, fell down, landed on his bum, and started crying. 


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