how to kidnap one direction

heres how to kidnap one direction, and make them your pets !!
its easy ! and fun! and legal! ~not!~


13. back to reality i think

okay so now back to when we kidnapped them.               skittlez   are      CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Okay so they're  in the basement and stuff wait a minute I don't have a basement oh wait I moved so now we have a basement. I decieded to check on my crazy little angels. I saw they were asleep so I did what any  totally not crazy directioner would do. I touched louis' bum. Then I snogged them. So do you like One Direction I asked my pet hamster. OWWW!!!! It bit me. I hate you hamster! I love you hamster. Once the boys woke up I went to see them and for some odd reason they started screaming and tried to run away.

 Isn't that odd well I love One Direction. I'm going call my best friend. 





                                    PEACE OUT BROBOT!!!!!!!!!! O______________o 

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