Make A Wish

Madeleine and Abby are best friends who have gone through the best and the worst together. Abby had already found the one, but Madeleine was still searching via blind dates. When Abby picks out ONE MORE date, she finally falls in love with Harry Styles. Through heartbreak, tears, and coming back stronger than ever, the girls realize love takes fighting, even when the boy of your dreams is already yours. On Madeleine's 18th birthday, she only has one wish- but is what she wants really what she needs?


9. So This Is What Heartbreak Feels Like

~Abby's POV~ I was sitting on the couch all by myself on Christmas Day. Normal people would've been a little disappointed in this state, but not me. I was waiting for Niall to call and tell me what he had planned for our anniversary. As Madeleine left, I noticed something about her that was different. It was hard to indentify. Have you ever looked at someone you've known since the day you were born and thought "Hey, something's different... But I can't put my finger on it." That reminded me of a song I loved when I was little by Lady Antebellum called "Love's Lookin' Good On You". Then it hit me. Madeleine was in love with Harry. I knew exactly how she felt- and it was amazing. It was like your whole body was asleep and you felt tingles everywhere. I called my mom and told her that it felt like that, and she said "It may feel like your whole body is sleeping, but that means your heart is wide awake". I read somewhere that you know you're in love when you feel like you just got hit by a truck. I don't think that's true. I think being in love is when you feel like you would rather get hit by a truck than be without the person you love. That's what love feels like. And when I looked at Madeleine, I knew that she was in love because she was going to leave me on Christmas. I didn't care, but I knew if she was thinking strait, wouldn't have. The phone rang, and the caller ID showed up as Niall. I waited a few moments, then darted to the kitchen to pick it up. What was I going to say? What was he going to say? "Hi," I said as I picked up the phone. "Merry Christmas!" he said. "Um, Merry Christmas," I echoed. Now he's going to say it. He's going to say, happy anniversary. "So, I was thinking tonight..." "Yeah?" I said. "We could go caroling if you wanted to," "W-why caroling?" I stammered. "Because it's Christmas Day," he said. "N-no, it's not! It's..." I could feel the tears coming on, stinging my eyes. He forgot our one year anniversary. I couldn't believe. I hung up the phone as I started to cry. Why had I thought it was so special in the first place if he hadn't even remembered?! What was I thinking, that he was going to sweep me away on some rainbow unicorn that sang Elton John as we flew to the land of One Year Anniversaries? No, not really, I was just hoping for a nice evening out with him. Or even better, sweatpants, pizza, and a horror film. But no. I got a crappy Christmas Day, crying, all alone. I remembered the pledge I made to forgive him no matter what, but this would take some healing time.

Madeleine's POV~ I checked my phone. 7 missed messages from Abby, and twelve texts. Half the messages were 'I need you' and the other half were 'Can you come home?'. Harry and I were baking Christmas cookies. "Um, I'll be right back," I said. Harry looked up from the tray he was placing the Pillsbury cookies on. "Okay. Don't be too long, or I'll eat them all myself," I smiled and headed into the living room of Harry and Lou's flat. I dialed Abby's number. It rang twice, then she picked up and sniffled. She'd been crying. "Are you okay?" I said. "No," she said between sobs. "What's wrong? What happened!?" I said. Abby rarely cried outside of the movie theater. "N-Niall forgot," she hiccuped. "Our One Year Anniversary," she hiccuped again. "What? But... No, he couldn't have. Are you sure he forgot?" I said. "I'm positive. He didn't say anything. And then he said he made plans to go caroling!" she was crying harder. "Hey, calm down. I'll be home in ten minutes, okay?" I promised. She sniffled and hung up. This was much worse than the time Carter Tramille broke up with her the day before Homecoming and then asked Yolanda Schmidt instead. Course that time she crash Carter's car afterwards. "Hey, I have to go," I said. Harry frowned. "But... all these cookies," he said. "Give them to Louis. It's an emergency," I said. He sighed. "Okay. See you later," he said. I gave him a hug, and he got dough in my hair. "Ugh! I'll get you, Styles," I winked and headed out the door.                                          

Abby's POV~ Madeleine walked in while I was in the middle of a juicy episode of Pretty Little Liars. "You're here," I said, stuffing my face with popcorn. She sat next to me on the couch. "Hey, yeah. You okay?" I smiled. "Yes, I'm as happy as can be! Like a raspberry!" "Like a what? Okay, look, how do you really feel?" "You're right. I don't feel like a raspberry. I feel like a raisin*. All dried up. And nobody likes me." "That's not true. You're not a raisin. Everyone makes mistakes, right?" "Yeah. I guess it just hurts, you know. I sat down, and I was like 'Oh. So this is what heartbreak feels like'. And there was that time with Carter, but this is so different. SO different," "I know what you mean." Madeleine said. "No, you don't. You'll never really know what this feels like until somebody you loved with all of your heart just forgets something like that. It's been one year since he first said I love you, and he doesn't even remember. It's like I thought it was this whole huge deal, and now... It's not. I mean, not to him if he can't even remember it. I just feel like... yes, he made a mistake, and I know I'll forgive him, but just not today. Not today," 

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