Make A Wish

Madeleine and Abby are best friends who have gone through the best and the worst together. Abby had already found the one, but Madeleine was still searching via blind dates. When Abby picks out ONE MORE date, she finally falls in love with Harry Styles. Through heartbreak, tears, and coming back stronger than ever, the girls realize love takes fighting, even when the boy of your dreams is already yours. On Madeleine's 18th birthday, she only has one wish- but is what she wants really what she needs?


1. One More Date

I collapsed onto my fluffy sofa, tired and worn down after the longest date of my life.                "How'd it go?" Abby said, a Diet Coke in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.                "Not well," I said, opening my laptop and typing: Number 34.... Spencer...? He was rude. REALLY rude. I. Am. Done. I sighed and shut my laptop."Wait... What?" Abby said, checking my blog update on her iPhone. "Done? What does 'done' mean? You're giving up?" "Pretty much," I shrugged. "What? After only 34? C'mon, Maddie, you gotta keep trying. You gotta kiss a few frogs before you find your prince, right?" "Now you sound like Rachel from Friends. I'm done kissing frogs, and people," "Wait. I have ONE more guy in mind for you. He is perfect!" "No!" I cut her off. "No, no, no, no!" "Wait, please let me finish!" She begged. "He's a friend of Niall's...." I moaned. She was always talking about Niall, her Irish boyfriend. She found Mr. Right. I remember thinking to myself, Now it's my turn! And I'm pretty sure Cupid hated my guts. "I don't want to go on anymore dates, Abby. Please, let me wallow in my self pity alone. Will you do that for me? Please?" She was tapping something into her phone. That was another thing she was addicted to- her phone. She was once asked (by me) what five things she couldn't live without, and responded: iPhone, laptop, Maybelline, cupcakes, and Niall. I wanted--desperately-- to be like that. That cute couple that were inseparable. In a good way, not in a creepy way, like most of my blind dates had been. "Here's his picture," she said, shoving her phone in my face. I shut my eyes. "No!" I said, almost laughing. "This is what you did last time. No, no, no!" "Fine," she sighed. I opened my eyes, and the phone was still in front of my face. "Gah! You got me, and hey, who is he?" She smiled her little twisted smile. "Harry Styles. You'd love him. He's really sweet, and he's in the band with Niall. You'd love him, really," she bragged. "You said that already," "PLEASE?! I will make you a deal. You can wallow in your self pitty here, alone, feeling strangely hypophrenic, and I will leave. IF--" there was ALWAYS an if with Abby. "You go on ONE DATE with Harry. Or else, you will have to sulk with me, eating pizza, watching Friends. Your choice," I groaned. "One more date. Just one, right?" she nodded. "And then you'll leave me here to wallow in self pity all by myself?" she nodded again. "Fine. I'll go." She smiled and clapped. What did I get myself into? I thought. 

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