Make A Wish

Madeleine and Abby are best friends who have gone through the best and the worst together. Abby had already found the one, but Madeleine was still searching via blind dates. When Abby picks out ONE MORE date, she finally falls in love with Harry Styles. Through heartbreak, tears, and coming back stronger than ever, the girls realize love takes fighting, even when the boy of your dreams is already yours. On Madeleine's 18th birthday, she only has one wish- but is what she wants really what she needs?


13. Moving Out

MADELEINE'S POV~ My knees buckled. My entire world shook and rattled, making me quiver go the bone. I felt like I'd just jumped off of a cliff and died, then come to life by some magical, life-saving event. I felt like someone had stabbed me and left me there speechless... But I was smiling. Harry had kissed me. Harry had kissed me! Harry... kissed.... Me! He looked down at me, and for a moment all I could see were beautiful green eyes, sparkling in the dim light. “Thanks,” I said. “For what?” Harry said. “Kissing someone under mistletoe was on my bucket list,” “Well, kissing someone beautiful was on mine too. Check,” he made a check in the air with his finger. “Madeleine, will you be my girl?” I smiled. “Of course I will,” He smiled back at me, and then he kissed me again. I heard a scream from the living room. I darted into the room, and Abby and Niall were hugging and Abby was crying. “Madeleine,” she said. “Can I talk to you?” I nodded. She led me into our living room. “I have to tell you something. Niall asked me to move into his flat,” she said. I subconsciously started chewing my lip. I did that sometimes. “And I wouldn't say yes without knowing it was okay with you.” I didn't want to stand in the way of Abby and Niall's relationship. I most definately didn't want to do that, because Abby would hate me for it. No, she wouldn't, but I'd hate myself. But what would I be without my best friend around? “Oh my God!” I hugged her. “That's amazing! Of course Im okay with that!” She smiled. I could almost hear her heart buzzing. “Really? You're sure you're okay with it?” I nodded. She hugged me and ran back to Niall, hugging him tightly and saying “she said yes!” Over and over again. I was so happy for her, but I hated myself for feeling jealous again.
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