Make A Wish

Madeleine and Abby are best friends who have gone through the best and the worst together. Abby had already found the one, but Madeleine was still searching via blind dates. When Abby picks out ONE MORE date, she finally falls in love with Harry Styles. Through heartbreak, tears, and coming back stronger than ever, the girls realize love takes fighting, even when the boy of your dreams is already yours. On Madeleine's 18th birthday, she only has one wish- but is what she wants really what she needs?


12. Mistletoe

I trembled as I titled my phone to show Harry. "Hold on one moment, Twitter," he said and turned around. He read the Tweets that kept on pouring in. One Tweet came in from Eleanor. It said: @MadeleineTucker is beautiful and amazing, and I look down on anyone who said anything rude or hurtful things to her. #MadeleineHateClub is awful. Let's start something new~ #MaddieMaeLoveClub. Let's get it trending, people! I smiled. Harry turned back to the screen. "Well, I would like to personally thank Eleanor Calder for starting the Maddie Mae Love Club. I am an official member," he gave me a kiss on the cheek, which blushed. "Let's take more questions, shall we?" "Okay," I said, reading from my phone. "How long have you and Madeleine been dating?" I said. "A couple of days. Maybe." I nodded. The same person Tweeted again, 'It's a little short, don't you think?' "Love has no timeline." I responded simply. Abby came into the room. "Hellooooo!" she said. "It's Abby. So, I'm going to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and I'll answer ten Twitter questions from my phone with #AskAbbyOnXmas. Thanks, loves. I'm going to go finish my anniversary pizza," she winked.  "Wait!" I said. "Abby, what are your opinions on the Madeleine Hate Club?" "The Maddie what now?" she said, her face turning red. Abby always got mega-mad whenever someone tried to hurt me. They never, ever succeeded. I did the same for her, from all of our fifth grade fights from our tenth grade drama flings. We backed each other up, and we were like sisters. We shared everything, from the same opinions, to clothes and shoes, to the last brownie on the kitchen counter. "Whatever this 'Madeleine Hate Club' is, or whoever started it, I only have a few things to say. Number one: What's so great about couple of people trying to knock someone down? Number two: All of you are wrong. And number three: Anyone who did say anything to hurt my sister has no life whatsoever and-" "Okay, thanks, sis," I said, cutting her off. There was no need for her to swear someone out on Christmas, via Twitcam. 

HARRY'S POV~ I looked at Madeleine, who was answering dumb questions about her preferences in colour and food. "Enough with these," I said. I shut the laptop, without even saying goodnight to Twitter. "Will you answer me a question?" I whispered. "Hmm..." she said, twisting up her mouth like she was thinking. I rolled my eyes, but smiled back. "Okay. Sure," she finally said. "Okay. Will you follow me somewhere?" I asked. "Hm. I dunno, Harry. I don'y normally follow boys into unknown places," she said. "Oh fine." she agreed, finally. "Great. Now follow me," I took her hand and led her through the flat, where we saw Abby and Niall snuggling on the couch watching-SHOCKER- Reality Bites. Again. "Honey, the only thing you have to be by age 23 is yourself," Troy -in the movie- was saying. They loved that movie. I kept dragging her through the flat, til we got to the terrace. I opened the door for her, and she stepped outside, but I pulled her back in. We were standing close, halfway inside and halfway outside. "Look up," I whispered to her. She did. There was mistletoe hanging from the doorway. She smiled like a fool, but I loved it. "Oh," she whispered. "You want me to kiss you, don't you?" "I'm so predictable, aren't I?" She smiled my new favorite smile of my new favorite girl, who was also my new favorite person, and my new favorite hand to hold. I leaned in a little closer and kissed her. I could feel her smile through our kiss. This was my new favorite kiss of all time. 

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