Make A Wish

Madeleine and Abby are best friends who have gone through the best and the worst together. Abby had already found the one, but Madeleine was still searching via blind dates. When Abby picks out ONE MORE date, she finally falls in love with Harry Styles. Through heartbreak, tears, and coming back stronger than ever, the girls realize love takes fighting, even when the boy of your dreams is already yours. On Madeleine's 18th birthday, she only has one wish- but is what she wants really what she needs?


10. It's Over

Madeleine's POV~ I called Harry looking for some moral support. I asked him what he thought, and he gave me his opinion. Harry was an excellent listener; he always replied with well thought out replies and opinions, and agreed with you every time. We ended up lost in conversation, and soon, it was five. Time to do what I had been instructed to do. "ABBY!" I called up the stairs. She was on the phone with Niall. "So... It's over, then," she was saying. I stopped, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. She hung up the phone. "W-what?" I said. "Nothing. He just said his 'anniversary prank' was over. I can't believe he pretended to forget!" I let out a breath of relief. I'd die if Abby and Niall split up. They were the dream couple. My role models. The perfect pair. "So, he didn't forget?" She shook her head. "I knew it was un-Niall-like," she said. I sighed and laughed a little.
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