My Neighbor

This girl has always wondered what it would be like to be noticed. she is a normal beautiful 15 year old girl, in a small town...she's got read hair, brown eyes tan skin, she loves toms, she shops alot, she's got her close group of friends, she loves animals especially cats, her favorite colors are purple, green and blue and she is a directioner! shes loved the band from the day each of them stepped onto the X factor.........she has 3 older brothers and 1 older sister.......


10. Last Chapter- Sorry :(

So the meeting with our parents did not go so well. our mom disagrees with everything and thinks she can control us and she judges everything about us the good and bad in a negative way. She basically/obviously doesnt like us. Our father does stuff with us every wednesday, Saturday and sunday.....this had become a routine and normal thing in our schedule over the is now 8 years later im no longer 15, but 23 and everyone has also , well atleast got somewhat close to grown up. These are our families now (excluding our mom who we havent seen or talked to since that day we met her.)


Liam & his wife, my nephew and niece James and Daylee

Louis & his wife, my cousins Alex(boy), Joel, and Rose

Niall & his wife, and my nephew Brandon (nickname is Andy)

Harry & his wife, and my cousins Bridgette, Madelyn, Sam.

Me & Zayn and our children Chrissie, Andie (girl), Molly and Alfie.



Andie and Brandon fight over the name all the time is so funny!


Pictures of (Lillas nephew and niece Hugh and Summer in comments sorry about ending my story so soon and like this ...really maybe ill create a story some other time.



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