My Neighbor

This girl has always wondered what it would be like to be noticed. she is a normal beautiful 15 year old girl, in a small town...she's got read hair, brown eyes tan skin, she loves toms, she shops alot, she's got her close group of friends, she loves animals especially cats, her favorite colors are purple, green and blue and she is a directioner! shes loved the band from the day each of them stepped onto the X factor.........she has 3 older brothers and 1 older sister.......


7. Drama & Relevations

* Zayn's Pov*

I can't believe what James was doing right in front of me. He was flirting with my girlfriend.............well almost girlfriend, i was planning on asking her later. What she did next surprised me , i was also relieved and happy. She told him about herself and in there she said she had a boyfriend who i hoped was me..I was right, and now we are dating, for James he better stay away...................Lilla is my girl and nothing is going to change that.......maybe i could possibly be wrong. We took a trip to australia for the day with everyone. we met some of lilla and her family's friends.. Their names are Nicoleta, Rikki, Isabella, Myra, Byron, Burgess, Will and Corey. I believe burgess is in love with my girl but i can see in her eyes, he is nothing closer than something of a brother. I dont exactly trust him and lillianne understands, but i can tell there is something she feels is wrong and she cant seem to figure it out..........

Lillianne's phone rang:

"Who is it?" i ask quietly

"I-it's my -uh i'll be right back z-zayn" she stutters, something is bothering her, i can tell theres something she is hiding, i hope shell feel like she can tell me.

Lillianne's phone call

Lillianne is whispering

Lillianne- "yeah mum?"

Mum- "sweetie, please dont hate me, and please dont freak out when i tell you?" her mum asked

Lillianne- I promise mother..

Mum- Well you already know that Harry is your cousin, but um, louis he is your uh- uncle, liam and niall are your uh brothers.

Lillianne- zayn?

mum- um no hes not related to us at all, your father and i werent sure if we should tell you but liam lived with your aunt and uncle, niall with your grandparents, louis is my younger brother, and harry is your fathers sisters son.

Lillianne- I-i'm sorry m-mum i- i cant believe this, im gonna go, talk to you soon, love you mum! bye, cant wait for your visit

Mum- I am happy that i finally told you the truth, and i miss you all so, dylan, trevor, ryan, charlotte, liam, niall, your cousin harry, uncle louis, pixxie and travis, even they are apart of this odd family

lillianne- *giggles* of course they are mum, they basically live with us....and now they really you mum, see you soon.......

Mum- love you too sweetie tell everyone hi and i love them

Return to Zayn:

Zayn: " hey lilla who was that?"

Lillianne: um-can we wait till the boys are back?


about an hour later


Zayn: hey boys *the boys walk in the front door and come up to the living room*

Lillianne: CAN I TALK TO YOU-ALLLL? *Lillianne growls*

The boys: uhhh--*she glares* okay, what do you wanna talk about?

Lillianne- um yeah li, ni did you know you two were mine, trevor, ryan, dylan, and charlottes brothers? louis, did you know you were our uncle and uh yeah harry you already know your our cousin, zayn your not related to us , so it doesnt ruin our relationship.

All the boys: *stare gaping shocked with " O" mouthes*

They all stutter frozen shocked in unison..... " W-We A-are?" and lillianne nods


" louis's older sister, our mother, harry's aunt just toold me." lillianne says confused that none of them knew...........EXCEPT..........................


Who knows about this family thing? what happens? do they all become close? how does everyone else react? What happens with james? *he'll be gone soon*





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