My Neighbor

This girl has always wondered what it would be like to be noticed. she is a normal beautiful 15 year old girl, in a small town...she's got read hair, brown eyes tan skin, she loves toms, she shops alot, she's got her close group of friends, she loves animals especially cats, her favorite colors are purple, green and blue and she is a directioner! shes loved the band from the day each of them stepped onto the X factor.........she has 3 older brothers and 1 older sister.......


8. Drama and Relevations p.2

So with everyones reactions, im not.going into detail.......nicoleta,rikki,isabella,myra,charlotte,pixxie, byron,burgess,will,corey,ryan,trevor,dylan,travis,hugh,aleandria,eleanor,marianna, james,carlos,kendall,n logan r surprised. The btr boys go home to the palm woods n havent talked to anyone since. Who knew about this family situation n is there more? Does everyome become close? Louis: I knew , lillas mom she and she was afraid of telling lillianne because she didnt want her to hate her. She asked me to tell you something else. Lillianne: what else uncle louis? ....hmm that feels weird to about.uncle lou bear? Liam: uhm thats what we all call him.. Lillianne: well so do I big what else. Trevor: well see ... Louis: its okay, ill tell her.......*trevor nods nervously full of tears* your brothers, trevor, dylan, and um ryan...are your adoptive brothers...their parents adopted your sister and then you....your real parents livean hour away and are.coming to seenyou and charlotte tomorrow. Charlotte is coming back for about a week to catch up... Lillianne: *stands there happy, little shocked* th..they wanna meet us? Niall: yes, and remember mum is irish and dad is british... Lillianne: *raisez her eyebrows and scrunchesnher nose*ooo..kayyy then, im pretty sure I knew that but thanks for the reminder big bro... Liam: heyy...thats my nickname.. Lillianne: ni ni, li li ur both my big.bros....learn to share n play nice. Zayn: you are so liams little sister Lillianne: has anyone seen molly, mY blue toms,bla k varsity jacket, hair briah and spray, my purple turtle bracelet, chocolate bar and muffin.....i cant find my striped headband, how about shopping and swimming? Im going to take a shower n curl my hair.... Everyone: wowwww..... Lillianne: whhaaatt?? *she asks worried* Niall picks her up and spins her around.... Niall: your really a mini us, the one and only... Lillianne: see you in a little She runs to do everything she mentioned.......she came back downstairs an hour later..*look in 2 her outfit* Evryone at nandos

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