My Neighbor

This girl has always wondered what it would be like to be noticed. she is a normal beautiful 15 year old girl, in a small town...she's got read hair, brown eyes tan skin, she loves toms, she shops alot, she's got her close group of friends, she loves animals especially cats, her favorite colors are purple, green and blue and she is a directioner! shes loved the band from the day each of them stepped onto the X factor.........she has 3 older brothers and 1 older sister.......


6. Defining Love

Okay so here's my chapt working on my phone sorry for any misspellings and my comPuter deleted the second chapter that I was about to Post last night.....but here it is... Zayn led lillianne down through all these secret paths, till they came upon a special secret reservation Only restaurant only celebs: actors/singers know about it.... Lillianne: w..wwhat...? Zayn it is beautiful, what r we doing here? It's so fancy... Zayn: well I wanted a perfect date for the most perfect girl who deserves this and earned it , also I've never ever brought anyone else here neither did the boys. Only singers and actors come here... Lillianne: (smiles up at him and they make out for like a half hour until they are interrupted.) thank yOu Zayn so mUch I love you ! Kendall: so Zayn who might this be Zayn : (smiles and kisses her, she smiles back then glares at the four boys in front of her) Lillianne: my name is lillianne Valentina Ellington, my cousins are Harry and Gemma styles, my older brothers are Dylan, Ryan and Trevor, best friends pix or and Travis Williams, older sister 28 years old Charlotte and her 13 year old son my nephew Hugh Samuel apron and my soon to be born niece summer Skye horan, boyfriend, I'm 15, I sing, dance and love cats toms stripes carrots afraid of spoons , like toy story, only boy band I love or like is one direction, I'm an extreme directioner, don't like girlfriend or boyfriend stealers, my cat angeleese was stolen , I met Molly, my favorite colors are blue, green and purple, I do gymnastics ballet karate and surfing I'm a black belt and I'm Australian, British and Irish I moved her from australia. I live with Harry n one direction m my nephew. My brothers and best friends live right next door and will kick ur ass as well I of u and one direction if u mess with me or try anything.. They r starting to flirt with her, Zayn growls and Lilly kicks their a***s.. Kendall: (smiles nicely and nods to Zayn) I'm Kendall from bye James(grin n seductive voice) hey I'm James lovely to meet u lillianne (smirks n purrs) Logan and Carlos: hi we're Logan and Carlos Lillianne: nice to meet you Kendall, Logan and Carlos maybe we all can hang out one day ( whispers) without him(looks at James) Zayn:(whispers) hey smexy let's go to the jacuzzi and eat and maybe just maybe definitely probably gonma make out Lillianne: (smiles smirk and giggles with seductive voice) oh yeah let's (she pulls him around the corner behind a tree and pretends to moan) oh Zayn , ur so sexy I love u and Ill always be yours don't u worry your heart at all cause u hav already stolen mine......n it will not ever be claimed by one, unless they r you..... She takes her clothes off till she's only in her bathing suit and jumps in the jacuzzi. Zaynfollows they eat n make out ..... Later they go the beach and compliment each other in seductive voices and then they well u no ..... Then they return home........As a couple... Harry ad pixie (they were alone together so they pretended to have a date) Harry: hey uh pixie ( he says nervous, worried and shy rubbing his the back of his neck) I. I I uh I'm I uh I I um I love you pixxie. Pixxie:(smiles) I know and I love you too, I've been waiting for u to say it I wanted to give I time I knew u liked me Nd I think it's cute and smexxy that u were nervous n shy to tell me and just know that - ( gets cut off by Harry kissing her locking her lip for entrance and she let's him. Harry: will you be.. M...m my g.girlfriend a and go on a um date with m me? Pixxie: absolutely love but I'm caroline? Harry : broke up with her when my cousins u and ur brother got here... She smiles an kisses him.... Aww.....they told Pixxie n lillianne now Zayn n lilla , hazza n pixxy stick r dating... What will happen? Will James cause drama or back off?

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