One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


13. We're ready

Sorry for not updating in 3 months! That's a bloody long time and I'm so sorry. It's because I forgot I even had this and only updated on wattpad! I hope you're all still there...

* * *

Sorry for making this chapter so very short! It's just because the next two chapters are huge and this is the lead up to them, hope your enjoying the story :) xx -Jas


Chapter 13, We're ready

Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Raechelle, Ruby, Klara, Virginia, Nathan, Ron, Paul and I all sat in a biker bar corner, ready to enter the evil lair.

Paul: You all will have a task. Niall it is your job to get to the control room and turn on the emergency distruction red button. When Niall has done that you will all hear the warning siren, at that point you must have Harry and be out of there. You will have 1 minute to leave otherwise you will be burned to a crisp. Any questions?

Raechelle slowly raised her hand.

Raechelle: What will we be doing while Niall is making his way to the control room?

Paul: Good question. Jas and Liam will be sent to free the prisoners and find Harry, Louis your job is to steal guns and any major strange looking items. You others will all have to fight schmidt's workers who will come and fight you will large weapons once the innocent prisoners are released.

Liam: When we get Harry where do we take him?

Paul: Harry will be paralysed and it will be hard for him to walk so help him a bit. You just need to get in and out. As fast as you can. All of you.

Klara: Where do we meet after?

Paul: If you are still in there when the countdown is over the entire building will blow up. And you will die. I am sure you will all make it out, the only reason you wouldn't is if you dis-obeyed orders. We will meet just outside in a helicopter. I suggest you climb out a window where they have less of a chance of spotting you.

Nathan: Watches?

Paul: Ah yes. your communication watches you each currently wear you can talk to any other member of this group. Just say their name and it will go through to them. Is that all?

There was a deathaning silence.

Paul: Right let's go.

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