One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


4. Transformed

Chapter 4, Transformed


As we walked back into the big room full of workers I was shaking.

5 long blue transparent tubes stood at the back of the room fixed into the wall. They where identical to the one that lifted Katniss up to the battlefield in 'the Hunger Games' I stepped inside my tube and the tube slid shut. I knew my friends in the tubes beside me were scared too.

Geoff: Commensing start of transformation. Countdown from 10, 9, 8, 7...

I shut my eyes as the wires around me pinched my skin.

Geoff: 6, 5, 4...

I put my hands in fists, knowing this was going to hurt.

Geoff: 3, 2, 1...

I pray for me and my friends. Please let us survive this.

Geoff: NOW!

The wires clipped to me immediately started to electricute what looked like a foresfield around me. Then I heard an ear pearcing scream from one of the cubes near me. It was klara.


Then Ruby.


Suddenly at least 20 needles came out from the sides of my tube and and jolted into my arms and legs.

If you know me, you know I HATE and are super SCARED of injections aka. NEEDLES.

I screamed.

Some kind of substance went through them and into me, and made me feel like I was on fire.

Next a giant cup of un-natural blue liquid got forced down my throat and made me feel so weird.

And finally, many things happened to me all at once, that made me scream so much and hurt like hell.

Until a horrible smelling gas filled up my tube and all the overwhelmbing pain knocked me out.


I woke up and felt stinging and strange feelings all around me. I felt all buzzy, like I wanted to move really fast and appeal gravity.

As my mind turned on, I could hear Ruby's voice.

" Wh-what happened!? "

" I feel so weird, maybe something went wrong... and why is everything so dark? Where is everyone? Where am I? "

It was Ruby talking. But I wasn't hearing her through my ears, only my mind.


I opened my eyes to realize I wasn't in the tube. Or the little white room. I was lying in a bed, In a dark bedroom.

It seemed like a place away from the Island. What if it was a bad guys lair???

But it looked like a recovery room.

I zoomed to the mirror quite farfrom the bed.

Wait a second... how did I get from the bed, to the mirror, this fast? It didn't even take a mini second...

Stupid mind playing tricks on me.

I turned the light on and looked at myself in the mirror.


My hair had grown out so it was long again, and the hair colour was a light, amound brown. My eyes had changed to the colour blue, a crystal clear blue that looked Beautiful.

What a difference! I ws actually very pretty. How could this happen!?!?

I felt like Bella from twilight, after changing into a vampire she was extra gorgeous.


There was a knock at my door before someone stepped in.

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