One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


3. the Scientist

Chapter 3, the Scientist


I opened my eyes and looked around.

I was on a white bed, in a white room... Is this heaven? Am I dead?

No... I didn't think so...

I stood up and opened the door.

Jasmin: What the hell...

The small white door opened up to a ginormous room full of what looked like scientists in white suits.

As I walked out it was like I was an attention magnet. ALL the workers in the room froze and turned to look up at me, they stared at me for a while, I stood there. Awkwardly.

An older, grey haired man walked in.

Unknown: Stop staring your making her feel uncomfortable.

All the workers obayed and went back to what they where doing.

Unknown: Hello, I'm Scientist Geoffman Hogs, But you can call me Geoff.

He said with a smile.

Jasmin: I'm, uhh... Jasmin...

Geoff: Of course. Follow me.

I followed the rather excited scientist into a smaller, more comfortable room, there was a large flat-screen with lots of food on the mini coffee table.

He gestgured for me to sit down on the sofa.

Geoff: I'll just go get your friends.

He smiled again then left. What the hell was going on? How did we get here? And why was this scientist dude all hyper happy!?

This was such a weird place.

Virginia, Raechelle, Ruby and Klara stepped in sight behind Geoff, also looking confused as they sat down next to me.

Geoff: Now, I bet your all very confused, so now is your chance to ask me any question you like.

Ruby: Are we dead?

Geoff: Hahaha, nope!

Raechelle: Where the hell are we?

Geoff: On an undercover island not too far from your crash. This is my secret lab base here.

Virginia: Who are you!?

Geoff: I'm a Scientist for 1.D, I'm famous for creating Liam from One Direction.

Klara: You created him!?

Geoff: I gave him his powers, this was many years ago. When the war was.

Jasmin: How did we survive the ship crash?

Geoff: The famous superhero's that work for 1.D, One Direction. The boys got there just in time to stop you from drowning.

Virginia: WHAT!?

Geoff: The 5 boys brang you here.

Jasmin: I remember now. Someone took my hand and pulled me out of the water, may I ask who brang me back?

Geoff: Mr. Payne.

Oh my God. Liam James Payne saved my life.

Geoff: It was good to see the young chap all strong and healthy, I'm glad he didn't turn out... bad...

Klara: What do you mean?

Geoff: Well... Um... I have made eight 'superpower' constructures.

One on myself, in 1900, to make me live for 300 years.

Another in 1913 for Smit, aka. Red Skull, his wasn't ready, and so it turned him bad, he is super strong and is hard as steel.

In 1914 I made a construction for Mr. Payne he was for fighting in world war 1. He turned out sucsessful and it was super strong.

And just Yesterday, I finished constructed five different powers. Unknown to what they are. Mr. Cowell is on hold, he is in charge of 'The Avengers'.

Klara: The what?

We all watched as Simon, Leader of 1.D appeared on screen.

Simon: Good morning girls. I'm sorry for being so mysterious, but you have been chosen for 5 very important roles. I have decided to make a group of superhero's team together with One Direction, and complete the Avengers. Together your aim shall be to win the war we know is coming very soon. And destroy whoever is behind this.

Raechelle: Why us?

Simon: Your chosen because of your heroic actions on the Titanic jr. It was a miracle that we needed 5 girls and look who showed up. Your going to be superhero's, if you accept, that is.

All 5 of us. Ruby, Klara, Virginia, Raechelle and I stared at the big screen with our mouths wide open in shock, speechless.

Geoff: So!? Do you girls wanna be superhero's?

Virginia: OMG YES! wait. If I do this will I get to meet Harry Styles?

Simon: Of course.

Virginia: I AM IN!

Jasmin: I think it would be amazing to be a superhero but... how?

Simon: Mr. Geoff is very skilled. He created Payne's powers, he has the technology to transform you.

Raechelle: Wow, this sounds insane, but, at the same time it sounds AWESOME! I'm in.

Ruby: Does it hurt? Getting transformed?

Simon: You'll find out.

We gulped.

Klara: What kind of super powers do you get!!!!

Geoff: With the new technology, it is unknown what powers you'll get, but they'll relate to your personallities. 3 is the maximum powers you can get.

Jasmin: Let's do this guys.

Simon: Excellent. I'll see you in an hour.

The screen went black.

Geoff: Right then, to the transformation we go!!

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