One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


22. the battle I feared to face

Chapter 22, the battle I feared to face

The eight of us, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Nathan, Ron, Raechelle and I sprinted out the room, heading inside the main control room, full of panicking agents.

Paul: We've been hit! They're attacking!

Simon noticed us glancing round the room in shock and hurried over.

Simon: Sykes, Weasley, you two stay here in this room. Keep the others posted on what's happening.

Styles, Tomlinson and Horan, you three go and find where they are getting in from. Take them out from there.

Malik and Hunt find Loki. Capture him and put him in the glass cage in the cage room.

They all moved out, leaving me wondering what I was to do.

Jasmin: Simon what about m-

Simon: I haven't forgotten you Jas. You must find Liam and knock him out. Once he is knocked out take him to the refreshment room downstairs. In there is a small room with a strap down seat, toilet and water supply. Make sure he cannot move, then call me on your communication watch and I'll give you further details. Good luck.

Jasmin: Thanks, you too.

Simon gave me a final nod and I zoomed up the stairs and to the security camera room using my speeding power.

In the room full of screens I scanned them for the bad guys.

I pulled out my communication watch and called the boys.

Jasmin: Harry, Louis, Niall. Go to the roof. You will find them getting through the high rails there.

Harry: Thanks Jas.

They hung up and I found a few agents holding blue super-natural guns sneaking through the pipes towards the main room.

I called Nathan and Ron.

Jasmin: Nath, Ron, there are agents sneaking through the pipes, be prepared to fight them from the entrance door, they'll be there soon.

Ron: Thanks Jazzy!

They hung up and I scanned the screens for Loki.

He wasn't exactly hiding. He was moving through the ship with his spear in hand, heading for the... screen room.

I was in the screen room.

I didn't have time to call Raechelle and Zayn, I had to get out of here.

I burst out the doors and ran in the opposite direction of Loki, heading down to the bottom floor.





We all got down into our positions. Guns at the ready.

All was silent apart from the rolling of a circle object through the doorway.


We ducked for cover and threw ourselves away as the small deadly object blew up before us.

After the blow, a few agents for Loki entered standing with guns, some supernatural.

We shot back, and a few brave agents of ours jumped put of nowhere trying to take them out. Some ended by losing consciousness.

I stood up and grabbed another gun from my pocket. With two in hand I lifted them up and started pulling the triggers, hitting every agent down.

Another few came in, so I turned to ask Ron if he could shoot the same as me.

Nathan: Ron, try using both g-

I tilted my head around and had a look everywhere.

Ron had disserpeared.




It was dark and cold down here on the bottom floor of the ship. No one ever came down here, it was a dead town.

Gun shots broke out upstairs and it was all on. I crossed my fingers and prayed my team would be alright.

I slowly walked over to a large amount of bins and tugged them open.

Inside the bins, lying on masses of hay were weapons.

Huge guns filled every bin I opened.

What were the 1D agency doing with all these guns!?

I picked up a slick blue gun. It looked almost super-natural. I examined it and played around with the slits on the side.

Unknown: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I turned around still holding the gun to someone walking in from the distance.


Jasmin: Do you know anything about this?

Liam: Ah, I do.

He took a few more steps towards me which made us just inches apart.

His warm brown eyes had faded and had been taken over by a scary pitched blue. This was not the Liam I knew.

Liam: This agency you work for has many secrets. Some too secret to be told. Even to the members of the agency.

Jasmin: What kind of secrets?

Liam: Killing, hunting down victims, all sorts.

He took the gun from my arms and placed it back in it's rightful place.

Was this the normal Liam? He was being nice...

Jasmin: And what are you hear for? I would think you would be up there fighting with the rest of your 'team'.

Liam: Oh no. I'm down here for a reason.

Jasmin: And what is that reason?

He looked up and stared in to my eyes. Smiling an evil smile.

Liam: You.

He attacked then. Throwing his arms towards me and whacking my face.

I dodged his later hits and smacked him in the leg causing him to flinch a little.

He tried launching for my neck but failed. I twisted his arm when it came flying my way.

While he was angrily grunting I kicked him in the stomach with my hard black agent boots, he took a few steps back to recover.

We both breathed heavily in for a short recovery. He got his power back and went for me again, sticking my waist sending me across the room and hitting the wall.

I got up and held in my stomach.

Jasmin: You'll pay for that one.

I started running towards him and he ran towards me. We ended up colliding on the floor after headsmacking. We got up for what I hoped, our final time and I remembered my duty.

To knock him out.

I hit his head with my hand hard and he flinched, Liam is very strong. He was not going to go unconscious from slight hit.

He launched foward again and flung me across the room.

I hit a bin and moaned. My back had cracked.

I got up onto my knees and put my hand into the bin, pulling out a heavy gun.

Liam ran foward, ready to take me out for good.

I pushed off the ground and stood up painfully, my back hurting like hell.

As he got closer I pulled the gun back, he was just about to reach me when I swung the heavy gun foward. It hit his knock out point on his cheek and he fell to the floor.

I fell with him, heaving for my back and holding in the screaming pain.

We lay there together, him unconsious and I in pain.

But we still lay there together, like the line from my favourite song, Chasing cars.

Jasmin: If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I closed my eyes and took his hand, he was going to be alright.

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