One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


25. Teasing

Chapter 24, Teasing

Jasmin: Is everyone alright!?

I ran inside the conference room to see everyone sitting down.

Harry: Everyones fine Jas. How's Liam?

I paused and smiled just a little.

Jasmin: Liam's... good.

Simon: Is he better?

Jasmin: Yes.

I went and sat in a seat between Nathan and Louis.

Louis: You took a while...

Jasmin: And?

Louis: Just thinking...

I nudged him in the ribs.

Nathan: Are you dating Liam yet?

I turned to face Nath who had his fingers crossed.

Jasmin: Maybe...

Nathan: Did you kiss?

Jasmin: I'm not gonna say.

Nathan: Please!?

Jasmin: Why don't you go ask him?

Nathan: That would just be awkward!

Jasmin: Yeah it would hahaha.

Nathan: Pretty please?

Jasmin: Let's just say I won't forget it.

Nathan: Oh my god you did ki-

Simon: Be quiet agent.

Nathan: Sorry Sir.

I quietly laughed at Nathan's annoyed-for-being-told-off face.

Simon: Our team worked together brilliantly in that battle and you all did us proud. Loki has been captured and is in the cage room. I am about to go in and show him what that cage will really do if he tries to escape. After that I have a conference with the council and you will all get a small break. We don't know what Loki will try to do, or when his army will attack, but he has the Tesseract. That is what we need most.

Paul: Someone is going to get in there and try get the information out of him. Anyone think they can?

Raechelle: Liam's good at being serious.

Paul: Is Liam ready to?

Jasmin: He's still recovering in the refreshment room.

Simon: I think we should leave him for a bit of time to himself for the moment. Is there anyone who would like to nominate?

Niall: Jas is good at sneaking up on people.

Nathan: And she can go serious.

Paul: Would you be up for it?

Jasmin: I... If you would like me to.

Simon: Yes. You'll go in alone a little later. For now everyone should keep it on the down low. We don't know what Loki can be planning in that twisted mind of his.

Simon and Paul got up and left. Just as they did in the last meeting. Leaving Raechelle, Louis, Zayn, Nathan, Harry, Niall and I.

Raechelle: How's Liam?

Jasmin: He's good.

Louis: Just good?

Jasmin: Shut up.

Nathan: I'm sure he'll be a bit happier then that!

Jasmin: Argh. Not you too.

Niall: What do you mean?

Jasmin: Don't listen to these idiots.

Zayn: No, tell us. This is getting interesting...

Jasmin: No! Just, stop.

Harry: Can I go see him?

Jasmin: Yes, yes, please do. Refreshment room.

After Harry left things got very awkward.

Louis: Don't worry it'll be our little secret.

Jasmin: No! Now everyone knows!

Niall: I still don't understand.

Zayn: I think I do.

Zayn winked at me and I pushed away from my seat and headed for the door.

Louis: Don't forget to use protection!

He yelled from his seat, laughing. I pulled the finger at him before trampling through the doors and into the main control room.

I saw Ron and headed over to him.

Jasmin: Hey.

Ron: Hey Jas! Are you alright? I heard you got hurt when we were attacked.

Jasmin: I'm fine. Are you okay?

Ron: Great thanks.

Jasmin: Why weren't you at the meeting?

Ron: I've been given the responsibility of main controls. Right now I'm in charge of where this ship goes.

Jasmin: That's awesome!

Ron: I know. Hey how's Liam? Did you get him back?

Jasmin: Yep, he's back to normal.

Ron: Fantastic. Another one on our team for the big war.

It was so nice talking to Ron. He was such a laid-back carefree guy. I really hope he survives the final fight.

Jasmin: I better go check things with Simon. I'll see you later!

Ron: Have fun!

I chuckled and headed down the stairs to the cage room.

As I turned a corner I smacked into someone.

Jasmin: I'm so sorry I should have been looking where I was go-

My mouth dropped open.

It was Liam.

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