One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


23. Ouch

Chapter 23, Ouch

-continued from the last chapter-

I pulled up my arm and called Nathan on my communication watch.

Jasmin: Nath.

Nathan: Jas!? Are you alright!? you sound weak.

Jasmin: I've hurt myself. Please bring Ron and come down to the bottom floor of the ship.

Nathan: I'll be there as fast as I can.

The call ended and I dropped my arm back down. Feeling dead.

Nath and Ron came running down the stairs and gasped when they saw our state.

Ron: Jas what happened!?

Jasmin: I'll let you guys know later. Can you carry me and Liam to the refreshment room? It's just over there.

I pointed to the little room just a few steps away.

Ron: Sure.

Ron was about to lift me up when Nathan stopped him by saying something.

Nathan: Aww don't you two look cute together.

Jasmin: Ha, he tried to kill me just a minute ago.

Nathan: And you still hold his hand? You're so cute.

I looked down and saw our intertwined fingers.

Jasmin: Whatever, you're just jealous.

Nathan: Do you want me to carry you or not?

Jasmin: Go on then.

Nathan grabbed me around my waist and lifted me into his arms.

Ron struggled a little with carrying Liam. But soon enough he was alright.

We entered the little room and Nath placed me on a chair.

Jasmin: Thanks Nath.

Nathan: No problem.

Ron: Where do you want him?

Ron asked, holding Liam unsteadily.

Jasmin: On the bed.

Ron lay him down there and strapped him in.

Ron: Just so when he wakes up, he won't try and kill you again.

Jasmin: Hahaha thanks.

Ron nodded and headed out the room, Nathan followed behind but stopped in the doorway.

Nathan: Have fun.

He winked and before I could tell him off he was out the door.

I sat there staring at Liam, who was laying there still, eyes locked shut.

I thought over the instructions Simon gave me before the fight started. I recall him saying:

<em>"Make sure he cannot move, then call me on your communication watch and I'll give you further details."</em>


I called Simon.

Jasmin: Simon, I've got Liam in the refreshment room. What do I do now?

Simon: In order to get Loki's bad out, you must hit him in the head 10 times.

I paused.

Jasmin: What!?

Simon: Remember what Paul told you a few days ago in the meeting? You must hit Liam in the head over 10 times with a wooden plank to get the bad soul out of him.

Jasmin: Right, yes.

Simon: You see that door in your room?

I scanned the room and saw a door.

Jasmin: Yes.

Simon: Inside is a toilet and water supply. I've put the wooden plank on the water tank.

Jasmin: I'll go get that now.

Simon: Make sure you hit him hard; and quick. You don't want him waking up until the bad is gone.

Jasmin: Thanks Simon.

Simon: Good luck.

He hung up and I got up, holding my back and hunching over, while limping to the door. I slid it open and grabbed the big piece of wood.

I slid the door shut and hobbled backwards so I was facing Liam.

Jasmin: Liam I'm so sorry about this!

I swang the wooden piece foward and smacked him across the face.

Jasmin: Oh my god Liam I'm so sorry!

I knew that the sooner I did this, the sooner I would get to talk with him again.

I hit him again.

Jasmin: I promise I'll never hurt you again! Never after another eight times okay?

I pulled the wooden plank back once again and smashed his cheek across.

Jasmin: I feel so bad argh Liam! I'm so sorry!

I decided that I wanted to see the real Liam sooner so I slapped him with the wood four times in a row.

Jasmin: Only three more times babe! It's going to be okay!

I did it again twice counting down.

Jasmin: One more!

I smacked him with the plank for a final time and sat back down. Happy it was over.

Then I remembered Liam would wake up. I stood up in my seat ignoring my back and stared at him. Praying he would wake up.

His eyes opened.

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