One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


18. Loki

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Chapter 18, Loki

I pulled up my communication watch and called Paul whilst jogging.

Jasmin: Paul where to? Tesseract or costume?

Paul: We don't have time to get changed. Get down to the Tesseract.

Jasmin: Roger that.

Louis and I sprinted for the large open spaced room and smashed the doors open.

Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Nathan, Ron and Raechelle soon followed in after us.

The room had many computers and control equipment surrounded by scientists or workers as what they looked like.

At the end of the room a glowing blue 3D cube, stood jolting and making unusual sounds.

It buzzed in the middle of a round protective glass, looking ready to explode.

Liam: How is it?

Paul: We don't know, it's energy levels are high and it's acting up.

Liam: How do we stop it?

Simon: The cube is a highly dangerous and powerful source of energy. We cannot stop it.

Ron: Is there anything we can do?

Simon: The cube is a transportation device, we know that. And if it explodes right now, we know that someone from the other side is coming into our atmosphere.

Zayn: Do we know as to who that is?

Paul: ... it could be... never mind...

Zayn: No say it.

Paul: D-

Paul was cut off by shaking of the ground.

Small Lightning bolts came shooting out from the cube.

Simon: MOVE IT, GO GO!

The workers ran out as the shaking of the ground got worse.

All that was left in the room where the agents, the super hero's, Paul and Simon.

We watched in entencity as the cube grew more violent.

Finally the glass covering the cube gave way, leading to glass flying in all directions.

The cube opened to a wide screen of space, causing a giant bang and leading to us being sent to the ground.

We looked up and saw stars, moons, planets, comets through the gateway to the solar system.

Almost everything that there is out there.

Out of no where a giant and dark figure appeared in front of us, making another shake in the ground and moving us back to our heads in our hands, the protective position.

The lights broke and everything went cold and dark.

The others stayed in protective position, while I stood up, to face the mysterious figure.

Jasmin: Who are you.

I pulled a gun from my belt and lifted it to his angle.

Jasmin: I said, who are you.

He chuckled, still looking down. The others in my team stood up, also raising their weapons.

Simon: Drop your weapon sir.

I noticed he had a large glowing spear in his hand, it looked evil and controlling.

Liam: What is your identity.

He still stood smiling at the ground. I lost it.


He finally looked up.

He had pale white skin, slick black hair and evil grey eyes.

He wore a long black cape and dark clothing, contrasting against his glowing spear.

Loki: Yes it is me. Loki. Of Asgard. Your new ruler.

Simon: We mean your people no harm.

Loki: An ant has no quarrel with a boot.

Simon: Do you plan to step on us?

His evil glare focused on Simon.

Loki: I do.

Loki lifted his spear, about to take a shot at Simon.

Zayn: WAIT.

Loki lowered his weapon back down.

Zayn: Where is Damien?

Loki: Ah yes, your brother. He is not ready to join the fun down here on earth right now, but one day, he shall be back.

Loki's snarling voice echoed through the big room walls.

Simon: As I said before, there is no need to fight.

Loki: Isn't there? Even for a little fun?

Simon: This is a serious matter.

Loki: I am here for Damien. To take back the revenge he never could. You sent him away!



Zayn: and? no matter who he is he still killed many innocent people, he destroyed lives and deserved to be sent away.

Loki's fists clenched, he was getting very angry.

Simon: Drop your weapon.

Loki: Make me.

He lifted the spear and aimed it for Zayn, causing a giant 'BOOM' and blue lightning bolts to strike from the spear and right to Zayn.

Zayn went tumbling to the ground as the others took shots at Loki.

Raechelle went to help Zayn by carrying him out of the room.

Niall was hit by the powerful spear Loki used and also had to be sneakily taken out by Harry and Louis.


Loki sent a shot at Simon and threw him to the floor.

Paul dived for the glowing Tesseract but was knocked out by yet another lightning bolt.

Liam and I were the only two left in the room that where conscious.

Loki reached for the Tesseract but I stopped him.

Jasmin: STOP!

He chuckled then looked up at me. I was holding a gun to his head.

Jasmin: Touch that cube and I'll shoot.

Loki: I'm impressed. You really are good at this game arn't you?

I didn't say anything, I just stood tall leaving the gun up high, Liam looked worried but stood silently.

Loki: You wouldn't kill me. You wouldn't kill anyone. I can see that you have a peaceful soul.

Jasmin: I'd kill you if you hurt my friends or family, which you have. So I suggest you BACK AWAY from the Tesseract. NOW.

Loki: You know how to play.

Jasmin: Get the fuck away from that cube.

Loki: Make me.

I pulled the trigger.

But nothing happened.

Loki: Hahahahaha.

I pulled the trigger again.

The gun was empty.

Loki: Stupid little girl. I see you have feelings for this man, yes?

He pointed towards Liam.

No. No. No. No. No.

Liam looked up at me, with a sad look.

Loki: If you love him so much, I can't wait to see the look on his face when he kills you.

Loki took the spear in hand, pressed it to Liam's heart and Liam took one last glance at me and whispered.

" I love you. "

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