One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


12. Kate

Chapter 12, Kate


After our funny game of Janoskians, our flight was ready so we boarded. On the plane we didn't do much, Harry did get up and sing for everyone with Klara and Louis dancing in the background, which was really funny. When we arrived in Paris it was Beautiful. In the taxi ride to our hotel I saw the Eiffel tower for the second time ever. I'd seen it before when I was two.

At the hotel we got introduced to our room. It was nice, had a bedroom for everyone, a good tv room, and a pool table including a kitchen and two bathrooms.

After unpacking, we sat around eating and watching movies, trying to get to know eachother. But the tension between Louis and Virginia still stood tall. It was night time and nothing was happening.

* knock knock *

Niall: I'll get it!

Liam: NO WAIT!

Liam threw himself at the door. Blocking it.

Liam: *whispering* what if it's someone bad? trying to kill us?

Nathan: I got this.

Nathan pulled a gun from his pocket and held it behind his back before opening the door for us all to see.

There stood a tall skinny girl, with strawberry blond hair and unusual yellow eyes, she wore a black agents suit with a gun that was seen for everyone.

Nathan: Who are you.

Kate: My name is Kate, Cowell and Higgins have sent me to keep an eye on you. I'm an agent.

Harry: Your welcome inside then!

Kate smirked and entered the room, examining every aspect and person.

Kate: Harry would you mind showing me around?

Harry: I would be delighted.

The two of them entered Harry's room and locked the door.



Raechelle: Oh nah, they're eating sandwiches.


Raechelle: I was being sarcastic.

Niall: oh.

Jasmin: I don't trust her.

Liam: Guys you should all calm down, Harry isn't stupid enough to... he wouldn't just moments after meeting her. that's not Harry.

Virginia: I still don't like this.

Louis: I'm giving them ten minutes. If they don't come out I'm going in.

Minutes passed, we stayed silent listening for noises, sounds and even voices. Nothing was to be heard.

Louis: Right I'm sick of this. He was taking her on a tour of the hotel not a tour of his-

Liam: Louis. Stop.

Klara: If he was touring they would be talking. But why is it silent?

Ruby: That's true.

Jasmin: Nath? mind helping?

Nathan: Yes.

Ron followed close behind as we baracated the door to Harry's bedroom, Kate and Harry had only entered 10 minutes ago.

Nathan: One, two,

Jasmin: THREE!

I kicked the door down, Nathan and Ron had guns at the ready. We ran into the room and were shocked at what we saw.

Ron: They're GONE!?

All that was left was a broken glass window, which they must have left out of.

The rest of the group came running in.

Klara: How is this possible!?

Raechelle: Liam. Call Simon.

Liam immediately pulled his phone out and answered a current call from Simon.

Simon: Listen, everybody. Styles has been pulled into a trap. Our camera's revealed that 'Kate' asked him if they wanted to run off together, Harry was madly in love so something has been put into his drink. A love potion. Kate is no agent of ours and is currently with Harry on their way to the airport flying to Smit's evil lair, where Harry could die, Jas, your faster then a Plane. I need you to fly one person over at a time, the flight isn't long from Paris to America with your speed. Hurry, there's no time to waste.

Liam: But Simon, How do we save Harry?

Simon: Get inside the lair, and as a distraction release all the innocent prisoners, to keep their hands full while you find him. Good luck.

The call ended and everyone turned to me.

Jasmin: Louis, I'll fly you over first. Wait in the waiting spot until everyone is there, then we'll get ready for attack.

Liam nodded in approval.

Louis jumped onto my back and we were off, flying, across the sea's in just seconds. the moon shined brightly in pitch black.

We arrived and I placed Lou down not far from Red Skull's lair.

Jasmin: Lou, stay here. Don't move otherwise we'll lose you. I'll bring Klara over now and then the others, guns will also be brought for protection.

Louis: Alright.

I flew back up into the air to grab the rest of my team.

We had to save Harry.

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