One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


14. Just begun

Writing the fighting and everything I found really really hard! This is part one to the first little pre-war and the next chapter is part 2, enjoy xx -Jas


Chapter 14, Just begun

The 12 of us hid behind green bushes, just outside the deadly lair.

Paul: Jas, Liam, you ready?

We both nodded, being sent in first was a scare.

Paul: Make sure you stay low, let the prisoners out first and let the war begin. They are downstairs in the dungeon. Then find Harry and give Niall notice, that's when the alarm will sound and everyone only has 1 minute to get out. We will leave without anyone who doesn't get to the helicopter in time.

Nathan: Go Jas, Go Liam!

Raechelle: You better not stuff up!

Louis: No pressure!

I followed Liam as we head out from the group secretly closer to the dooming lair.

Jasmin: There must be a back door for us to enter.

Liam: It'll be surrounded by guards.

Jasmin: Oh I know! Let's take out two guards and put in their uniform!

Liam: Like in movies? Hahaha, okay. Let's give it a go.

We stayed low as we tip-toed over to the back door, two guards holding rather large guns stood before it. We stayed behind some bushes nearby.

Jasmin: How are we supposed to get past those guards!? If we go near them they'll shoot us!

Liam: Not if they have no clue we're agents. What do you have underneath your outside agent outfit?

Jasmin: A white tee and shorts.

Liam: I have jeans and a shirt, take your outside gear off and we'll act as a couple and try to get in. keep your weapons in your shoes though.

Jasmin: Great plan, have you done this before?

Liam: Yeah I have, to another evil lair. It worked. We kept the guards preoccupied and out of nowhere we took them out.

Jasmin: You and who was the girl?

Liam: ... Louis.

Jasmin: Hahahaha!

We took off our outside layer of agent clothing, leather jacket and skinny jeans, I was left rather cold in shorts.

Liam: Should we go?

We had to act as a couple, oh wow.

Jasmin: Yes. we shall.

We came out from behind the bushes and entered into the guards eyesight. Liam took my hand and we laughed together over nothing. All an act. Liam pointed to the guard and dragged me over.

Liam: * whispering * follow my lead.

Liam: Hi! We're looking for Harry Styles, have you by any chance seen him?

Guard 1: We have, in fact I was the one to tie him up in the dungeon! Hahaha.

Jasmin: The Dungeon? what on earth is he doing down there?

Guard 2: Why do you want to know?

Jasmin: I'm a huge fan of One Direction, me and my boyfriend here just wanted an autograph.

Guard 1: Well your not gonna get one!

Guard 2: Because guess what, HE'S GOING TO DIE TONIGHT!

I punched the second guard in the stomach, while Liam kicked the first, they tried fighting back after the unexpected attack but I pulled out a tazer from my boot and knocked them both out with it.

Liam: Let's drag them in, I know that there's a toilet to change in is just inside.

We tugged the two rather heavy guards inside to the changing room, luckily nobody was inside so we quickly took their jackets, badges, hats and weapons.

Bringing them into the toilets me and Liam got into the other sides uniform and I put my skinny jeans back on. I was not wearing that guards pants.

We left the toilets and the two guards on the floor unconscious.

Liam: You did great acting out there.

Jasmin: Thank you. I was in a movie a few years back.

He looked like he wanted to ask more into the subject, but we had to get a move on to set there prisoners free.

Outside in the corridor, we scanned the room for something that lead to the dungeons.

Jasmin: Hey look an elevator!

Liam: Does it lead to the dungeons?

I ran over and had a look at the sign.

Floor 0 - Torture rooms

Floor 1 - Dungeons

Floor 2 - Entrance ways

Floor 3 - Workers level 1

Floor 4 - Workers level 2

Floor 5 - Workers level 3

Floor 6 - Top Secret

Jasmin: We go to the floor below, and below that is probably where Harry is.

Liam walked over and read the sign.

Liam: Niall will be at floor 6, the control room and the others will invade floors 3, 4 and 5.

Jasmin: We better get moving then.

Liam pressed the down arrow button and we waited patiently until the elevator finally arrived.

The doors opened and inside was a evil looking man a little older wearing the same uniform as us.

Man: Evening.

Liam: Evening sir.

He grunted and walked on past us, I flung into the empty elevator pulling Liam in with me.

Jasmin: That was close, god I forgot we had disguises.

Liam: It's alright, when we enter down here all the prisoners will think we are bad, we have to explain then release them and get to the lowest floor.

Jasmin: Right.

My heart was racing 100-miles-an-hour.

The doors to the elevator opened and we saw the sight of many poor prisoners.

The two of us stepped out from the elevator and thumped down the hall examining each and every innocent life stuck behind bars in each prison cage.

They eyed us back. The place was cold, dark, and very evil-looking.


All the prisoners looked up from the floor to Liam and I, standing strong at the end of the long lost hallway.

Liam: We arn't guards. Many of you are innocent locals of New York and L.A. And some other work for our agency. We have dressed up as guards and come to set you free. My name is Captain Payne from One Direction, this is Jas, new to our crew.

The prisoners sad faces lifted, it looked like hope had finally reached their souls.

Jasmin: We have a plan to save you all. You must obey this plan otherwise death may take you.

Liam: We are going to set you all free from these cages, when we do you must go up in the elevator after we have gone down and attack all those guards and evil workers who have made you suffer for many weeks. Our team are hidden outside and when they hear you they will come help.

Jasmin: They may have many guards. But there are also many of you. We can win this. Fight for us, the good guys. And all will be well.

Liam: Are you up for this?

Prisoners: Yeah!


Prisoners: YEAH!

Jasmin: Let's win this.

Liam and I each pulled out a gun and shot each of the locks on the prisoner bars.

The prisoners came pushing out. And stood before us, looking ready.

Liam: We'll go down to floor 0, then when the Elevator comes back you should all visit floors 3, 4 and 5.

We stepped inside the elevator, ready to find Harry.

Prisoner: Thank you.

Jasmin: You're very welcome.

He smiled at the two us as and that was the last we saw before the elevator doors closed and started moving downwards.

Liam: This is schmidt's working hour so no guards should be down here, we must find Harry and get the hell out of here.

Jasmin: Agreed.

The doors opened once again and we saw a long and dark corridor leading to what looked like, thousands of different torture rooms.

Jasmin: This is horrible. How are we supposed to know which one he's in?

Liam: You check that side, I'll check this side.

We each set off in opposite directions, entering every horrible room to find a different body laying the the torture chair each time, most had their eyes closed unconscious while a few were awake but frozen still and taking broken breaths.

Screams and gun shots suddenly broke out upstairs.

The war had just begun.

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