One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


26. Interrigation

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating, I was at an Athletics event in New Plymoth for 5 days :) This is quite long so I hope you like it xx

~ Jas

Chapter 25, Interrigation

Jasmin: Liam!

I yelled, throwing my arms around him. It hadn't been long since we talked, but I was so glad he was back on his feet.

Jasmin: I'm so sorry about knocking into you. I didn't realise it was yo-

Liam: Shh...

He put a finger to my lips.

Liam: It's fine. I'm glad you're walking properly!

Jasmin: I'm glad you're walking properly!

We both laughed and he took my hand.

Jasmin: Where are you heading?

Liam: I just got back from Harry's obsessive pestering to what happened between me and you.

Jasmin: Oh god, I'm sorry! Everyone wouldn't stop going on about it! Trust me, I said nothing.

Liam: I bet they were! And I know you didn't say anything. Harry said you wouldn't admit so he wanted me to.

Jasmin: Did you?

Liam: No, I didn't say anything. I'm glad he came though, if it was Louis I wouldn't hear the end of it.

Jasmin: Ron is the only non-nosey person who actually didn't want to get into any gossip.

Liam: Ron's great. I didn't think Raechelle would be nosey?

Jasmin: Oh she wasn't, she was just laughing at how embarrassed I was. Niall didn't know what was going on and Louis was being a pain in the ass.

Liam: As he always is when it comes to love. He just doesn't know what it's like to love someone for real yet. He hasn't had a proper relationship.

Jasmin: I hope he does someday... and stops bugging others with theirs!

We laughed and he let go of my hand after squeezing it tight.

Liam: I better get back to the team, I can explain it to them if you'd like.

Jasmin: Please do! I'll be in the cage room, threatening Loki.

Liam: Hahaha take care.

Jasmin: You too babe!

We left each other unwillingly and headed in opposite directions.

I jogged down the hallway in worry of being late to meet Simon. I reached a room entrance with Simon waiting patiently in the doorway.

Jasmin: Sorry I'm late!

Simon: It's not a problem. I've just told Loki that if he even scratches that glass he'll go down 30,000 feet. That's a rare chance of survival. He said that it was an impressive cage and he's acting in a manor I cannot put a name on. He's almost happy he's here, Captured. I really don't understand. You must do everything you can to get information out of him. Where the Tesseract is, what he wants with it, why he wants to rule earth, etc. Do you understand?

Jasmin: Yes sir.

Simon: We'll all be watching on the screens from the camera's we have in the cage. Good luck.

He gestured toward the cage room door and pat me on the back before descending back down the hall.

I brushed my arms down on my skinny jeans and took a deep breath in before sliding the door open and entering the room.

Loki looked up from his seating position. His legs were crossed and his hands lay loosely by his sides.

His evil dark eyes opened and a evil grin took over his face as he stood up.

Loki: Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Little miss lover girl. This is sweet. Sweet revenge.

Jasmin: Revenge? Oh what for?

Loki: I took away your one and only didn't I? Didn't I take away your love? And play with his brains? Pull them out and shove something else in?

Jasmin: But I put them back. We got his brains back. He's fine and nothing you did to him changed anything.

Loki: Oh yes it did. Forever from now he will disobey orders, treat others without respect and use people. I crossed my arms.

Jasmin: Right, I can totally see that * sarcasm *

Loki: Mark my words. He'll never be the person he used to be.

Jasmin: Sure, I totally believe you * sarcasm *

Loki: I know you're just the teenage girl from down the street who used to fangirl over One Direction. I know you weren't anything special until a scientist took you and your little friends to a lab and stuck needles inside you. Your power was made by scientist, and came from a bottle. Just the way that captain of yours was. I am a God. And you pathetic animals will never, ever get in my way of ruling this world. I scoffed at him and let my arms fall to my sides.

Jasmin: We're the pathetic ones? Who is the one in this room who is stuck in a cage and from another planet. You came here to rule, not realising there were protectors of the planet. You're afraid, threatened and dead out scared of what's to come. You know we have power that could defeat your army and send you to hell. You should be afraid.

He chuckled and sat back down.

Jasmin: When all this is over you will realise that you are nothing but a pathetic tourist trying trying to take out a world you don't even know the real power of.

Loki: You're such a young stupid girl arn't you? You don't know what I'm capable of, yet you try and threaten me with your weak words. You came in here to find out where the Tesseract is. Yet all you do is threaten someone with real power.

I laughed loudly, shaking my head at his worthless words.

Jasmin: Real power? Sure, you're stuck in a glass cage and look at me, out here in freedom. Real power obviously lost their way a little. He got up and heavily stepped over to the glass that kept him in his cage, and threw his fist on the wall.

Loki: When I get out of here, when I escape from your puny reach, one of your people will fall. And when they do, I'll be the one laughing.

I stopped and gasped, pulling up my communication watch and power walking to the door.

Jasmin: Simon, Loki plans to escape. Bring down security to watch him. Keep all members of the team away from him, he also plans to make one fall.

Simon: Rodger that.

After the call ended I turned around to face Loki.

Jasmin: Thank you, for your co-operation.

I immediately left the room, proud of my work.

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