One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


20. Friendship

I thought we needed a last happy chapter before it all happened so this is a cute Louis chapter for all my Louis lovers :) xx


Chapter 20, Friendship


Louis: Psst! Psst!

I opened my eyes, yawned and sat up in my comfortable bed, looking around. I had fallen asleep again.

Louis: I swear, all you do is sleep now.

Jasmin: Lou!

I jumped up and ran over to hug him.

Louis: How are you babe?

Jasmin: I'm alright, my chest kinda hurts because that's where I was hit but aside that I'm good.

Louis: Of course you are, you've got a crush.

Jasmin: Crush? on who?

Louis: Liam! And everyone knows it.

I blushed.

Jasmin: I don't like Liam like that.

Louis: Sure you don't. I see the way you look at each other.

Jasmin: Haha, cheesy Lou.

I playfully pushed him away.

Louis: You can't hide it from me! And anyway he likes you back.

I blushed again, argh.

Louis: And I also notice that your blushing like mad.

Jasmin: Your so embarrassing, go away!

Louis: Hahaha, aww! Jazzy's got a crush! Jazzy's got a crush!

I blushed even more and ran out my door and down the hallway full of agents in my casual t-shirt and shorts.

Jasmin: Come get me Tommo!

Louis grinned and chased me down the hall, through the control room and down to the training area.

I ran inside to hide from Lou but stopped in my steps to see the rest of my team members in there.

Raechelle smiled and me and Harry shot me a wink.

Niall's face lit up when he saw me and Zayn stuck his tongue out.

Nathan and Ron both started making funny faces which made me laugh.

The six of them sat on chairs in casual clothes facing Simon and Paul who were standing up.

Louis sprinted into the room but stopped and walked smirking. He sat down behind the others and patted the spare seat next to him for me to sit down in. I waddled over and took the seat, smiling at Louis' cheeky grin.

Paul: I think we'd all be very depressed and not have smiles on our faces if we knew that the Captain, Liam could not be turned back to normal. But he can and one of you will be the one chosen to turn him back.

Simon: Jas, You and Liam are incredibly close and Loki will order him to kill you, you are strong with your powers and what we need you to do is fight Liam but win. Win as in knock him out. Then drag him to a place where you can strap him down in a chair so he can't escape.

Louis nudged and winked at me, I slapped his arm and he leant forward in his seat holding it in pain.

Paul: After he's unable to move you must hit him in the head at least 10 times and get him some water, hopefully that'll knock the bad soul out of him.

Louis and Ron burst out laughing.

Louis: Hit him in the head!? HAHAHAHA!

Jasmin: What am I supposed to hit him with?

I didn't want to hit Liam in the head, I'll probably just say sorry after every hit.

Simon: A hammer may be a little too hard...

I would never hit Liam in the head with a hammer!

Paul: A wooden plank?

Simon: Yes that will do.

Jasmin: But I don't want to hurt him!

Louis: Aww!

Jasmin: Shut up you.

Simon: He's not going to die from it or anything.

Paul: You guys heal quickly because of the liquid injected into you when you where made a superhero. It'll be fine.

I sat there and thought about it. This was for the best.

Paul: And for the Tesseract, we must do everything in our power to get it back.

Simon: Loki will use it to open the earth to all dangers of the universe. That is probably how he will get his army here.

Paul: So overall, here is what we need to do when war strucks.

Simon: Capture Loki and put him in the impressive cage we have in the 'Loki room' down the hall, Get the cube and take it to the Scientists in the gym, Knock Liam out and hit him in the head and defeat all agents, soldiers and workers for Loki.

Louis(whispering): Sounds easy.

Jasmin(whispering): Piece of cake... * sarcasm *

Paul: Any questions?

* Raechelle raises hand *

Paul: Yes, Raechelle.

Raechelle: What happened to Red Skull? Is he part of this?

Simon: Red Skull isn't dead and still is a threat. I don't think we need to worry about him now though.

Nathan: So he won't join in the fight?

Simon: He shouldn't but anything is possible.

Paul: Anymore questions?

The room sat silently.

Simon: Ok good. You are free to go off and do what you like now.

We stood up and started walking to the door.

Louis: That really hurt you know.

Jasmin: You deserved it and you know it.

Louis: Just having some fun...

Jasmin: Not in front of Simon and Paul!

Louis: * sigh * Alright...

Harry caught up to us.

Harry: So what you guys wanna do?

Jasmin: We could watch a movie.

Louis: A relax would be nice.

Nathan: I'm in!

Raechelle: Depends what the movie is...

Zayn: Horror?

Jasmin: NO WAY. I'LL DIE.

Niall: The cooking channel!

Ron: ... that'll just make us all hungry.

Harry: how about we watch the whole Twilight series?


* high five *

Raechelle: Argh no I'm just going to leave.

Zayn: I'm not big on Twilight but I'll watch it, Raechelle you should too!

Raechelle: Fine...

For the rest of the day till the early hours of the morning we brang bean bags into the conference room and sat on them while watching Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn part 1.

Part 2 wasn't out at the cinema's yet but it should be in a few days.

It was nice to have a laugh with the team and fight over Team Edward and Team Jacob.

I loved them both but Edward is better for Bella.

I really wished Liam could be here with us. But I knew everything would turn out okay in the end.

Once we find him I'll bring him back and we can watch all the Harry Potter movies with him next time.

We stuffed our faces with popcorn and chips and I fell asleep on Harry's lap at the end.

We all fell asleep in fact. It was really nice to know we each had each other and friends we could count on.

Even though in the end we may loose some of these friends and we all knew the big war was coming we had each other.

And that was a friendship that would never be forgotten... ever.

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