One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


7. Fitting the Puzzle together

Chapter 7, Fitting the Puzzle together




We sat in the conference room waiting for Simon to come up on screen.

Virginia was staring at Harry, while I was blocking out sick pics in my mind, Ruby was hipmitizing Louis and Raechelle was chatting to Nathan.

Harry: Ginny don't you have x ray vision?

Virginia: yes...

Harry: Does that mean, that um, that you can see through clothes?

Virginia: yes... Wait, what? I mean NO!

Harry quickly vanished into thin air.

Harry: so that's why you've been staring at me...

Virginia: No! I have been because...

Jasmin: she finds you attractive.

Ginny stomped on my foot, hard.

Harry: really?

He appeared once again.

Virginia: uh... Maybe?

Harry did a sexy smirk and Louis turned to stare angrily at Virginia.

Ok... Awkward...

Paul walked in the confidence room, making all our heads snap up.

Paul: you're all needed in the training room.

As we headed into the training room we unexpectedly saw a guy about 18 sitting on the stage.

Paul: This is Agent Josh, he is new here and we needed him because he has information on the tesseract, passed down from his father, ho has worked with it before.

Josh: It is more powerful than anything I've ever seen. It;s a teleportation device used to teleport things in and out of space. It only opens every 1,000 years when coming to earth but going to space, it can take anyone, at anytime.

The group exclaimed confused glances with each other, as Josh continued.

Josh: And sadly, tomorrow is the 1,000 year mark. It is 90% likely to open and bring out the worst of demons. To kill us all. We all sat there shocked, you would hear a pin drop to the floor, this was all hapening so quickly. I could never imagine a giant war starting tomorrow, we were't ready for that. To fight at your full potential, you need to know your powers, better than you even know yourself.

A gasp slipped from Ruby's lips.

Josh: Unless you are stronger than I estimate you to be, I'm afraid, there is no chance of survival.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Nialler, shaking.

He is such a sweet being, he never wants to hurt anyone, or anything.

Josh: I must go try deactivate it, or at least put it on hold so you will all have more time to prepare for this. I have put it on hold before, hopefully, I can do it again.

And with that, Agent Josh, left the room in a trance.

' we're doomed. ' Louis thought.

Simon glided into the training gym, his jacket flying behind him, like a cape.

Simon: As some of you may know we have to promote someone today. Make them the leader of the Avengers. We chose someone who doesn't just have great fisical skills, but is brave, and true also. We picked someone who is a leader, and who will fight to save him people. Mr.Payne, you have ben promoted to 'Captain Payne' and the others will refer to you as 'Cap' or 'Captain' if informal. Congratulations.

Liam: Thank you Simon.

Simon smiled after shaking the Captain's hand and leaving. I was really glad Liam was the one who got promoted. He definatly desearves it.

Liam: Jas, would you mind coming on the deck with me for a second?

Jasmin: Not at all.

We left the others there to chat to themselves as we stepped into the nice breesey fresh air outside.

Liam: Simon told me that having super speed and flight was a huge advantage.

Jasmin: I didn't think so. How?

Liam: If you didn't have super speed, and only flight you still would be able to fly slightly fast, but not maximum speed. To test it, I want you to fly now, and put your speed into it as well this time. See how fast you an go.

He winked and I blushed. This sounded really fun. I took a deep breath, in and out, then ran and dived off the side of the deck falling through mid air. After falling slightly, I turned my body forward putting all my effort into this test. I put my arms forward, and felt like superman as I sped through the air, passing the speed barrier. I was going s fast, you would never think it was humanly possible. I was flying so fast, that I didn't ever take the time to look down and realize where I had ended up. It looked like... Iceland? I had traveled to Iceland from New York in less than a minute? I wasn't scared of the war any longer.

I was excited. I quickly turned aroundand went back to Liam eagerly. Soon enough, he came into view. His strong muscely arms and tall body, standing on the deck of the air-lifted ship, waiting for me.

Jasmin: Cap! Guess what?

Liam: What?

Jasmin: I got to Iceland in less than a minute!

Liam: A minute!? Wow. You'll be our eye in the sky then.

Jasmin: What's that?

Liam: We We go on lookout if needed, and we are the fighters down below.

Jasmin: We?

Liam: Yes. Me and you.

Liam James Payne just said 'me and you' my life just changed.

Us. Together. Wow.

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