One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


10. airport drama

Chapter 10, airport drama



I jumped at the sound of Ruby's loud voice.

I felt like Iron man at the end of the Avengers. And Ruby was the incredible hulk.

Ruby: We only have ONE HOUR before our flight! HURRY!

I pushed off the floor and grabbed my suitcase. The clothes I slept in would have to do, I thought at Ruby and I sprinted down the hall.

Ruby: I FOUND HER! Everyone turned to stare as we entered.

Louis: Well FINALLY!

Paul: So now your all here. And your going on holiday. Don't use your powers in public unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. And don't do anything naughty because they'll be camera's in your hotel. We'll be watching... Have a good time.

Niall: Bye Paul!

Zayn: See ya Paul.

We headed out the landed air-craft onto land.

The air smelled fresh and Beautiful while the sky was a lovely cloudless blue.

Ron: Off to the airport we go!

The taxi came, and off we went.




Liam: This is a big taxi.

Niall: Well it has to be big to fit all us in here!

Klara: Jas you don't need to go on the aeroplane, you can just fly there!

Raechelle: SHH!

Zayn: * whispering * The taxi driver is mortal.

Taxi driver: I'm not actually. I know who you people are.

There was a short silence.

Niall: Okay that's cool. Any chance you have food?

Nathan: Hold up, how do you know who we are?

Taxi driver: I'm also an agent for the team, I work in transportation and communication. Name's Agent Rodrick, pleasure to meet you all.

Liam: The pleasures all ours.

Niall: I'm hungry!

Virginia: Seriously Niall?

Harry: What? ( in accent )

Jasmin: Hey isn't that the airport?

Everyone leaned towards the window.

Liam: Yup, that's the airport all right.

Louis: Boys we should start a flash mob in the aeroplane.

Raechelle: Or you could sing.


Raechelle: HELL YES! high five.

* high five *

Louis: Challenge Accepted.

The taxi stopped and we got out, grabbed our bags and rushed inside, trying not to get noticed by Avenger Direction fans.

We examined the large flight times board.

Ruby: We're flight 15Q9PW8

We scanned the board for a minute, searching for our flight number.

Klara: There I see it!

Louis: Nice job Klara. It says our flight depart is at...


Harry: Delayed!?

Nathan: I'll go ask at the information desk.

We all watched Nathan as he walked back frowning.

Nathan: Our plane won't be boarding for 3 hours.

Ron: Now what!?

Niall: Flashmob baby!

Zayn: Jas just fly us!?

Jasmin: It's hard! Even to carry one! I'll probably drop you...

Louis: Drop the sassy Louis Tomlinson? You wouldn't dare.

Klara: Hahaha!

Virginia: Guys we really need something to do.

Raechelle: Wait a second...

Raechelle and I both gasped, and our heads snapped up at once.

Raechelle and Jasmin: LET'S BE THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!

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