Stalking My New Neighbour (Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)

Annabel Dickinson is a rich, beautiful and popular girl with a perfect life. As you can tell her life is perfect... well almost. The only thing messing up her life was a car accident in wich her mom died. After one year of her mother death Annbel's dad decides to sell the house and move into a new one. At first Annabel was not okay with the idea but after knowing who was her new neighbour she changed her mind and realise living in her new house/mansion was the begining of an adventure.

Discover everything that's gonna happen in the summer with Annabel, Zayn and Vanessa?


1. New House???



 I am gobsmacked by the horrible view.  My house is full of cardboard boxes. My bed is no longer in my room neither the rest of my stuffs. Someone is entering the room, I turning around to see my dad with a guilty face.

“You promised!” I cry.

“I... Listen i did it for us.”

“No you did it thinking about you, I can't believe it! I was born in this house, the last time i saw my mom was in this house. You are just trying to take away the only thing that keeps me close to my mom”

“Please don't make a big deal out of this. I know how much you love this house but you are going to love more our new house. And new house requires new clothes.” He is taking out some money of his pocket. "Go get some shoes or something while this people unpacked our stuff, tomorrow you can buy new decoration for your room"

He is trying to buy me like always. I remember every single ballet performance i have done and in none of them my dad came. He always give me money like a “I’m sorry". And it seems like this time it was working, again.


*  *  *


“So what do you think about our new house?” My dad asks enthusiastically.

“Yeah is pretty” it is not pretty, it’s beautiful. The living room is huge with a fire place and a crystal chandelier hanging on the room. In the middle of the house a huge carpet gives a welcoming touch.

I am so excited to see my room so I am heading to my room upstairs walking slowly so my dad doesn’t notice my excitement.

My room is purple with a huge French window.  I am walking closer to the window, it’s not flat instead it is in a half a cylinder so it had enough space to sit. The view is beautiful, I can see the garden and all the beautiful flowers but what really caught my attention is a house. It seems familiar but i am not sure where I saw it before. Maybe i am just crazy because i have never been in this zone of London.





 I am walking through the hall with Hanna at my side and Ashley at the other, they are my best friends or at least at school. I'm the queen at school, which is really cool since i get to go to the hottest parties and date the hottest boy but it can be a little difficult to rule this school because been a queen requires dressing like one. Luckily i have my dad that buys me everything i want.

We are heading to the bathroom and noting some girls on our spots.  Hanna knew what to do. She looked at the mirror while racing one eyebrow. She is starting to talk "Now i know why this door is so big" Hanna said pointing at the door and emphasizing ‘so big.’

"Why, Hanna?" Ashley ask pretending not to know

"Because some girls are really fat, so they can't even pass through the door" She pause and continues "I feel so bad for you. But I’m glad people is taking care of the overweight problem in young girls"

One of the girls is turning around and looking at us in surprise. "Yes, I’m glad about that too. I mean now young girls can go to the specialist instead of becoming bulimics like you did."

"Excuse me?" Hanna says a little surprise not just by this girl’s come back but just by the fact that she even answer back.

"Who do you think you are? You can't talk to us like that.” I say.

"OMG! The queen of the bitches thinks her life is difficult. You should think again. You are the most selfish person i ever met and you know what? This entire people love your money not you. Nobody is ever going to love you because you are annoying and immature" Her eyes are wide open.

I am blank. I am not speaking because for the first time in my life i was humiliated. I'm used to be the one humiliating others not because i like it but because i need to keep clean my reputation.

Worst of all is that she said the truth.

Finally after finishing with the insults the girls are leaving. Hanna and Ashley are walking toward their spots and we are fixing our hair. Ashley is opening her Chanel bag and taking out her make-up.

"Where are you going this summer?" Ashley asks while retouching her make-up.

"I'm not sure"

Hanna and Ashley are looking at me in disbelief.

"How on earth can you say that you don't know what or where are you going this summer?" Ashley asks.

"Where is the real Annabel because my friend would not be so calm about not knowing what to do this summer especially because today is last day of school?"

"I just don't know" 

I am not in the mood for thinking about it, not after feeling so humiliated.


*  *  *


I am taking my iPhone out of my pocket and logging into twitter. Pictures of "Zerrie" are dropping all over the website. I know what you are thinking and yes, I’m a Directioner but i don't like to be so creepy in front of my friends so i act like a normal fan in front of them. I say things like 'they are so cute' or similar things but i don't like to show how crazy in love i am with them. In other words, I act like “Directionator” in front of them.

The pictures were taken in a house, a house that seems similar to me. I am zooming the picture in order to recognize the house.

 After a minute of observation i have an idea on why the house is familiar to me. It is the house next to mine and also Zayn’s house. Digesting the information is not easy but I am heading to my window and looking at a blond girl and a guy that looks like Zayn.

"I can't believe it, Zayn is my new neighbour"

I am walking downstairs, to the garden. I am not able to see Zayn so i am walking into the bushes. The bushes are the only division between his house and mine. The backyard it’s HUGE there are some trees around it, but the rest of it is just grass.

 I can see Perrie from here. She is far away so I am pushing myself forward at the point that my head is in Zayn's side of the backyard and the rest of my body is on my house's yard.

The beautiful sunshine had been blocked by something. I am looking up to see what was blocking the sun. It is a man with dirty clothes and garden scissors in his hands, so he might be the gardener.

"What are you doing here?" He asks. "This is private property"

"Yes i know, the thing is that i was looking at your beautiful flowers when suddenly my earing dropped on the floor so now I’m here looking for it" I know is a pathetic excuse but is the best i can think of.

"But you have both earrings on"

"I know. I'm not that stupid. And i have both because... because… um… i found my earing just seconds before you came here. So … I’m going. Bye" He is looking at me with a confuse face and i don't blame him i am crazy. Coming here to stalk my crush this is over the top. But i have to admit that was exciting maybe the fact of Zayn been my neighbour can make my life more exciting.











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