Stalking My New Neighbour (Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)

Annabel Dickinson is a rich, beautiful and popular girl with a perfect life. As you can tell her life is perfect... well almost. The only thing messing up her life was a car accident in wich her mom died. After one year of her mother death Annbel's dad decides to sell the house and move into a new one. At first Annabel was not okay with the idea but after knowing who was her new neighbour she changed her mind and realise living in her new house/mansion was the begining of an adventure.

Discover everything that's gonna happen in the summer with Annabel, Zayn and Vanessa?


3. In Zayn's house




Hello?” Vanessa says looking surprise. Maybe she wasn’t expecting a hot boy opening the door shirtless. She is turning around to look at me with her eyebrow raised. She is throwing a look of ‘why didn’t you tell me your neighbour is so freaking hot?’ I can’t help but laughing.

“Hello! Is there anything you need?” Zayn asks. With that Vanessa was back to reality.

“We are here because we live in the house next to this one and we heard really loud music in here so we wanted” I interrupt her. She is angry again.

“…We wanted to know who was singing with such a beautiful voice, sorry for interrupting, anyway. I had no idea this was your house… Good night” I say while going back to the house. I took Vanessa’s arm but she is still standing there.           

“Do I know you from somewhere?” Vanessa asks.

I can’t breatheliterally. Zayn Malik is in front of me, SHIRTLESS. This is too much for me to handle. My stomach is weak, my head is spinning around and my heart is beating faster and harder than usual making me feel like it’s going to jump out of my chest. This moment is surreal I cannot handle it. My body is on the floor and tears are streaming down and making me powerless. It feels like my body is working on its own, like it’s totally independent from me, like it doesn’t need my instructions…

“Vanessa we have to go” I said a little pushy.

“I thought we were here to tell them to stop the loud music” she is whispering in my ear.

 “No we better go back─”


*  *  *


 My sight is not clear so I am blinking. I can finally see clearly. I am in a big house; I am sitting in a couch. Some guys are staring at me… Wait! One Direction is staring at me looking relief. 

“Are you okay?” Louis asks.

“Yeah, what are you doing in my house; you should be in a concert or something… Wait! This is not my house.”

“No, this is my house” Zayn says. “You came here with your cousin to discuss with us about the music then you passed out.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a doctor. I was insisting in taking you to the hospital but your cousin said you were okay”

“I am okay is just that this is so embarrassing” I say to myself.

“Its fine, our fans always get crazy when they meet us…” Harry explains.  “You should have seen Niall when he first met Justin Bieber.”

“I wasn’t that crazy” Niall argue.

“Okay you didn’t passed out but I had to take Justin out of the studio so you could scream your lungs out” Louis says reminding Niall of the time he first met Justin Bieber. With that Niall fall silent.

“What’s your name?”  Zayn asks changing subject.

“Annabel, I am your neighbour… sorry for bothering but my cousin, Vanessa, insisted in coming, she was mad about the music”

“It’s okay, she explained everything” Liam assures me.

“Do you want ice cream?” Niall ask me and I nod. “I don’t know if it’s only me but I am feeling hungry” We all laugh.

Niall is giving me a cup of ice cream. Vanessa is sitting in the very edge of the sofa looking uncomfortable and a little freak out by the sight of Liam.

“You eat ice cream with a fork?” Vanessa asks Liam.

“Yeah, long story” Liam say.

“Your curls look better in person than they do on TV” I interrupt Vanessa and Liam and suddenly referring to Harry.

“Thank you? I will like to say ‘That’s what they say’ but you are the only one that had said my hair looks better in person.” Harry is chuckling in a friendly way not in the teasing way I was expecting. Not only is his hair better than it looks in TV also his smile.

Liam is playing with Harry’s curls. “Your hair does look better in person” Liam realizes.

 “Stop messing with my curls”

“I am not messing with them I’m fixing them” Harry is not bothering to respond, he is just rolling his eyes.

I turned to look at Zayn, he is still shirtless. His skin looks red.

“You got a lot of tattoos huh?” Vanessa said. I guess I am not the only one checking his abs.

“Yeah I love designing them.”

“How many tattoos do you have? Can you show me some of them?” I really want to see all of his tattoos but I should’ve not asked.

“Some of his tattoos are in very private parts of his body” Louis teases. After that interesting fact I am more excited about checking out his tattoos.

Unlike me, Zayn seems like he is not affected by the jokes of this boys, he is simply serious. He is putting on his shirt.

“Do you have any tattoos?” He asks Vanessa.

“Just one, it’s kind of lame, I only did it because I wanted to bother my mom” She’s showing her arm to Zayn. She has a tattoo with the phrase I Will Follow You into the Dark.

“I don’t think it’s lame, I actually like it” Zayn assure her.

“It’s the tittle of one of my favourite songs. I would have chosen something better but I was so mad with my mom I did the first thing that went into my mind. My mom thinks it has a sort of diabolic meaning. Funny, because it didn’t have a meaning when decided to do it” She chuckles.

“If the song is one of favourite it must have a meaning.”

“It must…” She sights. “Oh! We have to go its late. It was good meeting you.”

“It was already late when we came, don’t you think?” I say.

“The pleasure is mine. After all, I know none of my neighbours but you two” Zayn says

“Thanks for everything and sorry for getting crazy you just caught me out of guard”

“Bye” the boys say in chorus.

“By the way I like your Hello Kitty slippers they match with your pink pajamas” Louis says. I look down; I didn’t realize I was wearing slippers and my pink pajamas with crowns all over it ─I barely use them but for some reason I used them today! I blush; I can feel my cheeks burning.

“Thanks! Why bothering on using Victoria’s Secret Sexy night gowns when you can use pajamas that make you look like a 3 years old girl.” I say sarcastically.

“I am going to keep that in mind next time I go shopping with my girlfriend” say Louis following my joke. I chuckle.


*   *   *



“Can you believe it? We met One Direction but we didn’t ask them for a photograph or an autograph”

“They are your neighbours you can ask them for their autographs any time” Vanessa assures me.

“But they are going to think I am stalking them. I did not make a good impression today I don’t want to ruin it again”

“You don’t want them to think you were stalking them?  But that was exactly what you were doing, don’t you?”


“I saw a pile of magazines with One Direction in the cover, their posters in your wall and a British flag cell phone case and you want me to think you didn’t know the boy lives there and most of all that you wouldn’t take advantage of the situation by stalking them. Oh come on! I am not stupid and even if I hadn’t notice all those stuff you made pretty clear you are their fans by passing out in his house.”

“Yeah I got pretty crazy… I better keep it cool next time”

“If there is a next time…”Vanessa says. “Anyway, when is your dad coming?”

“I don’t know maybe on Friday he is always traveling”


“Is there something wrong?”

“No just that I don’t think my mom is fine with the idea of letting me alone. She doesn’t trust me very much.”

“But she talk with my father about you coming over, she must know my dad is not here very often”


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