Stalking My New Neighbour (Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)

Annabel Dickinson is a rich, beautiful and popular girl with a perfect life. As you can tell her life is perfect... well almost. The only thing messing up her life was a car accident in wich her mom died. After one year of her mother death Annbel's dad decides to sell the house and move into a new one. At first Annabel was not okay with the idea but after knowing who was her new neighbour she changed her mind and realise living in her new house/mansion was the begining of an adventure.

Discover everything that's gonna happen in the summer with Annabel, Zayn and Vanessa?


2. Getting to know my neighbour


"What if I’m dreaming? Or maybe it was the coffee i drank this morning. I'm not use to drink coffee maybe that is causing me hallucinations. Yeah, that is a pretty good explanation. Now I am going to close my eyes, breath and keep calm."

Zayn and Perrie are still there. I am searching for my phone but i can find them. Next to cardboard boxes I can see something that looks like binoculars. Yes, just like I thought they are binoculars that I used once 4 years ago in a stupid trip.

“You are not going to believe this” I am pulling down the binoculars and hiding them after hearing a girly voice. I turning around to identify the voice; it is Ashley crying desperately.

“Don’t you think there is a reason for knocking the door?”

“Why are you with those binoculars? Are you spying someone?” She said ignoring my question.

“Why are you here, anyway?”

“Let me guess you are spying a boy, Right?” She ignored me, again, so I am not continuing with the interrogation.

“What? I am not spying anybody. Why would I do that?”

“But I saw you with binoculars”

“So what is going on? Why are you crying?” I say ignoring her comment.

“Jonny broke up with me. I found him kissing with a girl, I am so stupid” She says but she is still crying.

“And now you realise” Yes, as you can tell I am really mean but who cares. I doubt they would stop been my friends, after all, I am the reason they are wearing Gucci. My daddy refreshes my closet every month, and I give to Ashley and Hannah all the cloths I do not want.

“I came here to feel better but it’s not working”

“Maybe shopping can make you feel better” I say pulling out my credit card. I need to buy new clothes, especially now that Zayn is my neighbour, and I just want Ashley to stop crying.

*  *  *


I am walking inside my house. A girl with black skinny jeans, snickers and black shirt with the message “I don’t give a fuck” is sitting in the living room. Sure she didn’t give a fuck; nobody with good mental health will use such a slutty outfit. She is sitting in the couch with her iPod in one hand and the volume so high that I can hear it from the other side of the room. I think her ears are going to bleed by her music.

I haven’t seen this girl in my life. I am actually really curious about why she is here, but she is not a thief. I don’t think any robber would be sitting so calm in the middle of the house they are about to still.

I walking toward her; finally she had noticed me and had stopped the music. She is sitting up, we are face to face, her eyes are brown, caramel brown. I actually know this eyes, she is Vanessa, my cousin. We were inseparable when we were little, but after my mom fighting with her mom we stopped seeing each other. Vanessa looks really different now that her hair is red and not brown, and her cloths are so… I don’t even have a word to describe it but is totally different to the clothes she used when we were young.

“Hey!” She says trying to sound as cheerful as she could but to me it sounded kind of faked.

“Hi!” I say with a really awkward tone. It is really weird to be back together although we were really close I feel like I am standing with a stranger.

“You got a cool house”

“Yeah!” then awkward silence is in the air.

“And what are you doing here?” I say not sounding so nice.

“Your dad didn’t tell you?”


“Well, my mom thinks I am getting into a lot of trouble and she doesn’t like my new look… so, she thought it will be a good idea to come here and get influenced by you” Her you sounded really insulting and I can tell she is trying really hard not to roll her eyes.

“Oh! So, how long are you staying here?”

“Um, I think the whole summer but I am not sure” Boring conversation I know.


“Not so much for me” she announce in a sort of whisper.

“Wanna go to your room?”

“I already went, actually my stuff are up there”

“Oh! Good” yes my ‘Oh!’ is getting really frequent.  “I’m going to put the bags in my room and I’ll be back”


*  *  *


Someone is knocking my door. I ignored them and putting my face back to my puffy pillow. It is midnight maybe.

“Can you sleep with so much noise?” I hear Vanessa saying from the other side of the door. I don’t know what noise she is talking about. Actually I can hear the noises now that see woke me up. The noise is a loud music coming from Zayn’s house… It’s he throwing a party? Oh my god.

“I did before you annoyed me” I say irritated. I have been nice with her, something that is not so often from me, but I am tired and honestly I don’t think anybody will answer her nicely at midnight.

“Sorry for waking you up, I thought you were awake”

“It’s okay” I said opening the door.

“We should go talk to them. Maybe they can stop the music”

“What? No we can’t”

“I’m just so tired of rich people doing whatever they want just because they have money” She looking at me realizing I am one of those ‘rich people’ “Sorry” she whispered.

“No offence, but you are part of those rich people” She hesitate, there is something wrong I can feel it. Is she broke?

“Where is your dad?”

“I don’t know. He is never home so get used to it.” He must be working or in a meeting or something.

The music is getting louder making Vanessa even angrier.

“I am going”


She is outside the house, walking toward Zayn’s house. She is knocking the door but no one is answering; now she is starting to press the doorbell.

“What are you going to tell him?

“I don’t know maybe…” she is putting her ear close to the door. “They are singing… and they are not so bad” They? Is One Direction here? and not so bad? They are amazing or should I say amaZayn.

“They are really good. It was a bad idea coming; we should have stayed at my house enjoying their singing” Zayn is in front of us. I didn’t notice him opening the door.








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