The Storybook of Magical Happenings

Annie, Avery and John get pulled into a magical storybook and have to fight dragons, goblins, witches, and more!


4. the tornado part 2

Avery and I went back out to what waas supposed to be the basement. Ceiling, stone, bricks, wood, adn more had crumpled onto the floor. There was no sign of John.

 "John?" we asked in unison. No reply. I began to panick. I was fighting back tears and i could tell Avery was too. I was just about to let them race down my face, when i heard heavy breathing a few metres away from me. I lifted some wood and saw John, although he didn't look like himself with all the cuts and bruises all over him.

"John!" i said. I was crying now, but they were happy tears. Avery was beside me.

"Are you OK?" Avery asked.

"Ya I think." he said. John got up out of the broken everything, but fell back down almost instantly. Jack had also arrived beside me, He picked up John adn flung him over one of his shoulders. We climbed up the remainder of the stairs and walked out onto the cold snow. I began to shiver. Jack pulled out our winter coats. He must have grabbed them before heading down to the basement. We turned around and looked at the broken house. Avery ran into it and pulled out a white rose that was perfect, not damaged at all. She kissed it's silky petals and put it in her beautiful blonde hair, right behing her left ear.

   It had begun to darken and we had were getting hungry. I found a bery bush that wasn't covered in snow. I picked one and rolled it around between my fingers. Finally deciding it was edible, i popped it in my mouth and it burst, filling my mouth with a fruity juice. I picked a whole bunch off the tree and gave them to everone. We feasted on berries for the rest of the night.

"I have secret Santa next week." I sadi trying to lighten the mood. Only Avery looked up but she gave me a look saying don't even try. There's no point.

"Guys," there was panick in John's voice. "What is Igor's last name?"

"That is classified information, sorry." Jack replied.

"PLEASE TELL ME!!!" He begged.

"Alright fine." Jack said. He looked around to make sure no one was there. "Montgomery." he whispered.

  Now I was panicking. My teacher's last name was Montgomery. Could he be evil? I kept my question to myself.

"Natalie said she was going to  work with a guy named Igor Montgomery today." John.

"But if Natalie was evil, mom and dad wouldn't have left us in her care." Put in Avery.

"They didn't. They let us choose. They said anyone but Natalie. We were curious so we chose her. Mom and dad don't know." explained John. Avery was about to say something, when Natalie pulled into the ruined driveway.

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