The Storybook of Magical Happenings

Annie, Avery and John get pulled into a magical storybook and have to fight dragons, goblins, witches, and more!


6. The gift

The next few days were a blur. I was sleeping for most of it but I had some things to eat. On the sixth day after the incident, I was scheduled to leave. I woke up that afternoon adn founf John sleping and Avery texting with her friend. Jack was beside them, staring at me. I noticed his hat was not on his head.

"Where's you hat, Jack?" I asked. He just silently pointed at my head. I took it off and looked at it. Its starry pattern seemed to glow.

"What exactly happened that night?" I asked. The question never came up in the previous days.

"You got shot by a Wolfman-" I cut him off.

"What's a wolfman?"

"They are part of Igor's army. Half man, half wolf." I nodded slightly.

"Tomorrow's secret santa!" I sadi suddenly. "I don't have a present for Melissa Steelie."

"Why do you use her full name?" asked Avery rudely. I shrugged.

"Sounds beter that way I guess." I looked out the window which was blurry from the pouring rain. A crackle of thunder made me jump and awoke John.

That night when I got home, the clouds had cleared and it had turned out to be a beautiful night. Good thing, cuz we were sleeping outside again. We went to bed and had a peacful sleep. When we woke up, Avery checked her watch every few minutes until eventually, decided it was time to go to school. She fixed the rose still in her hair and we headed off.

20 minutes later, Mr.Montgomery was telling us to get out our gifts. I quickly took out Jack's wizard hat that I neatly folded into a box. I handed it to Melissa, and she smiled. Scott McNiel handed me a wrapped present. I looked him in the eye and noticed for the first time he highly resembled Jack. He winked and I realized it was Jack. My lips curled up into a smile and I took the present.

"Alright, I'm gonna call out your name and when I do, you may open your present." He began to call out names, and i grew bored. I picked up my present and shook it to see if i coul figure out what it was. No luck :(. When he finally called out my name, I opened my gift excitedly. It ended up being a book called "The Storybook of Magical Happenings". I flipped through the pages, hoping they would move considering a VERY powerful person gave it to me, but all the pages were blank. I tried to look as enthusiastic as possible but inside I wanted to cry. When Melissa had her turn, she opened her present imediatly. She smiled, put the hat on her head and ran over to hug me.

"I'm glad you like it." I laughed.

"I LOVE it." she replied.

After everyone had opened their presents, it was time to go. The bell rang and everyone ran out the door, excited for Christmas break.

When I got home that night, I ran up to Avery and John.

"Guys, I got a book today. Jack gave it to me so I thought it might be magical but all the pages are blank." I said quickly.

"Woah, slow down sister." Avery said "Jack gave it to you?"

"Don't ask" I replied. John snatchd the book from me and was sad to see that I was right. All the pages were blank.

"I don't know why. Sorry." John said, sympathetically. As he sadi that, Avery had found a page that wasn't blank. Well, not entirely.

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