The Storybook of Magical Happenings

Annie, Avery and John get pulled into a magical storybook and have to fight dragons, goblins, witches, and more!


1. The beginning

  "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!"The carollers sanf at my front door, as the fluffy snow fell heavily behind them. My name is Annie Morgan. I am a gifted 11 year old, and mybest friends are Avery and John. They are not only my best friends, they are also my brother and sister.My parents are very magical so they aren't around a lot. We have a nanny named Natalie and she takes care of us almost 24/7.

   The four of us clapped for the singers and i closed the door as they walked away. A lot of snow had drifted its way inot my house and hair. If I looked up, I could see white specks in my shaggy brown hair.

  "So guys," said Natalie in a really sweet tone, "you should go to bed."

   "But I don't want to!" whined John.

   "But it's a school night." said Natalie in the same tone John had used. I smiled. Avery opened her mouth to reply, but shut it, as she realized it was pointless. Natalie pushed us upstairs and said goodnight. I quickly brushed my teeth with my super minty toothpaste. I find the fact that it burns my mouth quite pleasing. When I had finished, I dashed into my room, kicked off my slippers, and hopped into bed without changing into my pajamas.

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