The Storybook of Magical Happenings

Annie, Avery and John get pulled into a magical storybook and have to fight dragons, goblins, witches, and more!


2. Secret Santa

The next morning I awoke to find an extra blanket on top of my original quilt. Natalie must have put it there. I couldn't help but smile. Tiredly, I lifted my head off my pillow, and looked at my alarm clock. I was shocked to find out that it was only 5:02 am! I dropped my head back down, and tried to fall back asleep, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't bring myself to fully fall asleep. About an hour and a half later, my alarm beeped and I got out of bed. I stumbled down the stairs, not bothering to change, I would just wear my outfit from the previous day again. When I reached the bottom of the narrow staicase, I entered the kitchen. Avery and John were surprisingly already down there, eating cereal that Natalie must have left out for us.

   "Where's Natalie?" I asked.

   "She left." Avery replied, waving a note in my face. I was about to ask "where to?", but Natalie shoved a spoonful of cheerios in my mouth before I could speak.

   "Thanks." I said, but my voice was all muffled, so it sounded like I said Fanks. Avery smiled. I ran back upstairs and put my long hair up in a ponytail. I then ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. When I got back to the kitchen, John was staring at me.

"Did you do your homework?" he asked. I suddenly felt wide awake. I totally forgot about that, i was too busy making finishing touches to my Christmas wish list. "Hello? Answer me!"

"Ya of course." I lied. Then quickly grabbed my backpack and flew out of the house. On my way to school i tried to think up an exuse of why I didn't do my homework. My dog ate it? I thought. Nah, too obvious. Plus I don't even have a dog. After a while of acomplishing pretty much nothing, I finally settled on "I had a soccer tournament all weekend. My teacher knows I play rep soccer.

When I got to school, Mr. Montgomery (my teacher) wasn't in his desk. In his place was a short chubby woman whom I recognized but I couldn't figure out how I know her.

"Hello Annie." she greeted me. I suddenly had a huge rush of memory.

"My soccer coach." I whispered under my breath. I realized my exuse to not doing my homework was useless since she would know if I had soccer.

"Did you do your homework?" she asked.

"Um..." She leaned in very close to me. "I was busy." I said hesitently.

"Doing what?" she asked. I could feel herbreath on my face.

"Alright, I forgot." I gave in. She imediatly backed away.

"Sit down." she said. I followed her orders and went to my seat. "Hello class, my name is Ms.Gray." she anounced.

"Coach- I mean Ms.Gray," I said "could I please go to the bathroom?" In reply, she nodded. When I got back, Ms.Gray cleared her throat and began to speak.

"Your teacher left me strict instructions to inform you of your Secret Santa. Each of you will write your name on a piece of paper and then we will draw names and you will be their Secret Santa!" She said excitedly. The class cheered, I just sat there with my arms crossed. I really didn't want to get a present from someone in my grade 6 class. They don't know anything about me so whoever draws my name will get me somehing like jellybeans. I messily scrawled my name on the paper and played a miny game of basketball by throwing it into the basket. A few minutes later, Ms.Gray came around and had us draw our classmate's name. When she got to me, I swirled my hand around a few times and finally decided on a neatly folded slip of paper. I opened it and read the name Melissa Steelie written on it. Melissa Steelie is just about the biggest dork ever! I ripped up her name and threw it in my desk. I was not getting Melissa Steelie a present for Christmas EVER!!!

    That day felt like forever but when the bell finally rang, dismissing us, i felt sad. I felt guilt and I knew I had to fix it.

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