The Storybook of Magical Happenings

Annie, Avery and John get pulled into a magical storybook and have to fight dragons, goblins, witches, and more!


8. Butterball

My view was blurry, and the only sounds I heard were the sounds of my brother and sister breathing.

"What is wrong with this grass?" was the first thing that came out of John's mouth. He was right though, the grass was a crimson colour as tough somebody covered it in blood.

"I don't know," whispered Avery "but I think the real question is, What is that thing crawling towards us?"

"It's a cat. why did u say that in discust?" I asked. After looking at it more closely I realized that even though it was a cat, it wasn't a normal cat. It's fur looked all messed up and its eyes were navy blue. When it walked, its tail moved from side to side and its back was bent in. I felt bad for it, it looked old. The only sound it made was a soft hissing sound.

"Uhhh, have you seen it?" Avery replied as though it was obvious. Before I had time to answer, the cat leaped into the air and landed on John's chest. John's cry of pain was so loud, Avery, the cat and I cringed.

"Why have you come here?" the cat asked. Me and my siblings jaws were so far down, it popped. "Leave, find somewhere safe." It ordered.

"How?" Avery said so quiet, I wasn't even sure the cat heard it.

"I don't know." it replied, glumly. I opened my mouth to reply but something very sharp squeezed my shoulders and I felt a stabing pain burst through my back. I turned my head and saw something familiar, but so terrifying, I couln't take my eyes off it.

"W-W-What is that?" I said, my voice almost a whisper.

"Wolfman." The cat replied. Then I remembered the wolf/man and the bow and arrow and the shooting. It all came back to me like a boomerang. The wolfman smiled and showed teeth I would have been better off not seeing. They were yellow but more than that, they were like a million little sticks poking out of his gums. I shut my eyes and turned my head.

"Annie!" Shouted John. I slowly turned my head and looked down at my shadow. I gasped at what I saw. The wolfman had opened his mouth so wide, he could swallow me whole. this is it I thought I'm going to die. Just when I could feel the wolfman's breath on my neck, there was a distant howl. The squeezing on my shoulders released and the wolfman hobbled away. I realized I was holding my breath and sighed loudly.

"Your lucky he didnt kill you. His teeth are like a million tiny knives cutting through your skin. Anyway, my name's butterball." Butterball said.

"Hi." My voice was shaking. "I'm-"

"Annie, and those are your brother and sister, Avery and John." Butterball muttered.

"How did you know that?" John asked.

"This is the home of Igor Montgomery. You are very well known here."

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