Just Because of a Cup of Coffee (ON HOLD)

Hi my name is Aubrey. I'm about 5'5 , dark brown hair with a few light brown streaks. Enough about me lets talk about what I just did. I just spilled coffee on the person that is going to be my new boss. I was going to be a stylist for a band I think it's called One Direction or something like that but I knew that it was going to be very hard because of all the time I would have to spend with them.


5. You have got to be kidding me!

                                              Aubrey's P.O.V

 ( starting from her going into Harry's closet).    I went through most of his clothes and it wasn't that easy. He had so many clothes to pick from and so many different patterns and designs!I am a designer and I know for sure I would never make something so horrid! I went to the bathroom and when I had come out I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink.''You know Harry was just telling me that he wanted to bring you out to dinner.'' Ann Harry's mom said to me. I didn't know why but when she said that it made my heart skip a beat. When we were at the studio Harry would not keep on flirting with me,but now he was so much more caring then before.I guess I really did like him.''I guess I really do like him.''I said to Ann.''Well then follow me.'' She walked me to I think was Gemma's room. She gave me a beautiful purple dress and some makeup.''You will look beautiful.''She said. Ann was so sweet I just wished that I had a caring mother like her when I was younger.All my mom did was work,sleep then eat I could never talk to her about boys or anything but with Ann I could talk about anything with. I gave Ann a smile and a hug as she left the room and closed the door for me to get dressed. When I was done I curled my hair and put on my make up.I opened the door to see Ann smiling at me. I walked up to Harry's room and there's a girl in the doorway.''Hey would you like to go to dinner with me?'' I saw the girl's face light up and say''Yea of course I would!!!!!!" ''Yep see you at 7:00?".The girl then nodded her head as she walked out the door. I just stood in the doorway and said" Your mom said that you wanted to ask me to dinner.But I see that you have other plans.".As I walked away I felt heart broken,I don't know why I did but I just did.

                      ------------------ Author's notes  ------------------------ 

Oh just wanted to say if you read my story and there was a character named Sophie I'm sorry :(I mixed her up with a character from another one of my story's sorry!!!! Plus thx for reading my movella!!! And again sorry for the mix up!


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