Just Because of a Cup of Coffee (ON HOLD)

Hi my name is Aubrey. I'm about 5'5 , dark brown hair with a few light brown streaks. Enough about me lets talk about what I just did. I just spilled coffee on the person that is going to be my new boss. I was going to be a stylist for a band I think it's called One Direction or something like that but I knew that it was going to be very hard because of all the time I would have to spend with them.


3. that makes for plenty of bonding time!

                                                      Zayn's P.O.V 

             She looked pretty cute but who am I to say that I have a girlfriend. Perrie she's so sweet and looked a little like, wait what was her name again? Ally or something?

                                                        Liam P.O.V

Wow did she look cute and I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one that thought so. But I hope that this time Harry doesn't get the girl he always did and I'm tired of that. For once I want the girl I do hope this girl will get Danile (sorry if I didn't spell her name right) off of my mind.

                                                      Aubrey's P.O.V

They were still staring at me and it looked as if they were all deep in thought but I don't want to know what they were thinking.When they finally looked normal all of them stumbled towards me trying to get to me first. Finally one walked towards me with really curly hair and dark green eyes. ''Hello my name is Harry and you are again?'' He said while taking my hand and trying to kiss it. ''Well I think  I'm not your type.'' I say while  pulling my hand away. He went back to his friends who were doubled over in laughter. I'm pretty sure I even saw a smile on Simon's face!  Then I turned my attention back onto Simon. ''Well it seems as if you will get along pretty well with these boys and I should say that you are required to spend this whole year with them on there tour.You will be living on there tour bus going to each and everyone of their shows,interviews and radio shows! So get packing,you will stay with them for the next week helping them pick out their clothes in each of their homes and once finished  you will all get to stay the rest of the weekend at the English resort then leave first thing on Monday!'' He said with really no emotion at all. ''Okay thanks!'' I said as I headed out their door.

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